A HOPEFUL UPDATE on a few of “The Many”: Our February Bucket Fund.

I know many of you were very sad to read about the horrible conditions of the 60 TBs rescued recently.  These unfortunate horses are called, “The Many” because they come from a town in Many, LA.

First off, to answer many of you readers question – the farm had huge acreage and was located way off of the main road.  No one could see from the outside…  That is why this went on for so long.

However, please take heart that many of these horses were saved on time and hopefully, in time, they will heal and have a fine quality of life moving forward.


I wanted to share with you photos from one of the adoptive homes who stepped up and took three of the wasted mares to rehab and love them.

The do-gooder is Jenna Kay.  I found her because of a photo she posted on the main Rescue FB page of LHRA.

Anyway, I wrote to her to ask about these mares and she was very agreeable to tell me all about them, what they are like and how she arrived at the choice of these particular three.

I nod my head to this woman for taking one horse, let alone three!

Three of "The Many" mares in their new home. 'THE 60 MANY' horses are our February Bucket Fund.



The three mares are Tactical Vixen (9 yrs) , Sheikra (7 yrs), and Sattidy’s Girl (12).

Here is Jenna’s email to me:

I have history with Tactical Vixen. We were supposed to have bought her several years ago, but a horse fell ill a few days before we were supposed to go & pick her up. Unfortunately the vet bills consumed what we had to spend on buying Vixen. When I saw her name on the list of horses at this farm my heart sank, then I saw her on the survivors list & that’s when I knew I had to get her for sure this time. As for the other 2 Sheikra’s breeding is outstanding (she sold for $75,000 as a yearling) & then Sattidy’s Girl was a last min decision, she was still not placed & she is so stunning looking even though she is in horrible condition, I just couldn’t pass her up.  (My note here:  Jenna is NOT planning on breeding these mares, she was just commenting on Sheikra being well-bred.)

This is Tactical Vixen. She will never look this bad again...


After that email, I was curious to know if their personalities were erupting yet – or if it was just too soon.  Jenna responded:

They are very sweet loving mares. Vixen is the alpha of the 3 & Sheikra is the low man on the totem pole. They are still in survival mode when it comes to eating, they don’t come up for air. Vixen likes to play in the water trough, Sattidy well she is spunky for her age, Sheikra I don’t think was handled too much because she doesn’t like to be caught, but she’s getting better.

TV receives a lovely wash.

Sattidy's Girl will never look this bad again...



If you’d like to follow the progress of these mares, Jenna said that she will be posting photos every week to show their progress.  Here is her FB link to the photo page.  You don’t have to friend her to see them.

Sattidy's Girl enjoying her rubdown!


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To learn more about The Many, click here. THE BUCKET FUND.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

6 comments have been posted...

  1. Jenna

    Thank you everyone for the kind words!!! Vicki tell Pro the girls say Hi!! My little piggies are putting a huge dent in their 3x3x8 Kentucky bluegrass. They are still eating & drinking like there’s no tomorrow, but the light in their eyes is coming back & they know we’ve saved them. They greet us with kisses & nickers everyday!! I love my girls & my girls love me!! Thank you again everyone for the kind words!!

  2. Vicki

    Jenna ROCKS! She is an awesome person who truly cares about these mares and their wellbeing. Sattidy, Sheikra and Vixen will have such wonderful lives at Jenna’s.
    I’m so glad I got to meet them all. P.s. Jenna – Pro said to tell her trailermates Hi!

  3. Linda

    when i read all of this and seen the pictures of these beautiful animals i started crying..i owned 13 horses at one time and these pictures break my heart.. i wish and hope they all get homes. GOD BLESS YOU JENNA AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO STEP UP AS YOU DID.

  4. dawndi Post author

    from Jennifer:

    Jenna, Thank you for being there and heaving a heart of gold I wish we could take in horses like this but we don’t have enough propety to be fair to these animals but lots of love. We have had people dump animals in front of our place since we live in the country and I can’t turn them down like dogs and cats. We know the expense that it puts on ones pocket book to take care of these animals large or small.

    I believe that the whole family new this was going plus the workers and trainer all should be put behind bars and the highest fine ever for every animal including dogs, cats, and anyother livestock on this property in Many. Just because these are animals don’t think that God will not hold them accountable on Judgement Day for their acts just as those that abuse children.

    Its to bad that my college days have long passed I would love to be seating on the Bench and have these people and thousand like them brought before me as a Judge. I would throw the book and a fine so high per animal that they wouldn’t see the light of day. Instead of sitting in jail every while we foot their bill I would have them transported to the working farms to muck their stalls, clean the lots, and yes, even take it as far as walking in the pastures cleaning up any manure let behind. This would be done each and every day from dawn til sunset.

    I am so sick of hearing about taking away the slaughter houses that’s the reason for so many horses unwanted. As horse owners that own mares haven’t you heard of backing off and go purchase a foal. Believe me it cost a lot less to get one already on the ground plus you can pick color, sex, and breed. So many horses wasted.

    God Bless you Jenna and all those out there that have taken on the caring of these precious animals. Just love the little dog in the picture.


  5. peg

    Even in this condition you can see what lovely horses these are.
    Have the people responsable for this been arrested?

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