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First you get angry.  Then you get kinda sick.  After that, you move into FIX IT mode.

Let’s help fix this horrible wrong.

Here’s the story… (There is a much longer version of this story here.  FB here.  But, I think I can make my point in just a few graphs for today…)

Heartbreaking... gathering tattoos.



On January 6th, Louisiana Horse Rescue Association received a call from the Sabine Parish Humane Society asking if they could help in the seizure of 60 horses from a failing (failed) TB farm.

What they found was much, much worse.

60 starving horses in deplorable conditions. This is just a baby...


Dozens of animal carcasses, several fresh grave mounds and many, many starving horses.  Some were in manure filled stalls, some were in paddocks barely shuffling around, others out in large pastures standing among the dead.  All were starving and in horrible condition.

A poor, sick stud stuck in this horrible stall.

All 60 horses had to be caught, documented, doctored and hauled away to safe quarantines... 60 HORSES!



Could you imagine walking onto that site?  Could you imagine rolling up your sleeves and determining who, of all these horribly sick animals, deserved treatment first?  Especially when all you would really want to do is strangle some negligent human…


Well, they did it.  LHRA, circled the wagons and dove right in.  In a stroke of genius, LHRA called upon LSU Veterinary School to see if they had any extra hands available to help.  They did.  LSU sent out their Equine Response Team.


Exhausted after treatment, this baby rests for a while...


Over three days, this team removed every last horse into temporary foster care.  No easy feat.  They tagged, documented, loaded, found quarantines for and doctored 60 sick, scared and unhandled horses.

Wow again.  Dedication among adversity for sure.

But that was just the start of a very long journey for the rescuers and these poor horses…

Of the 60 horses that were pulled immediately, another 8 passed shortly thereafter.


This was one of the better ones. This mare is alert.


Another luckier mare. She is alert as well.



Sadly, there were many foals, yearlings and two-year olds that were in desperate condition.  Young horses don’t have the stamina to fight – especially when they have had a horrible start to life.

It was several of these young horses who failed to thrive after their rescue…

We can help these surviving young ones who are fighting…

Administering to a filly

Foals lining up for attention. All stunted, bony, scrawny and failing to thrive.



My hat is totally off to these folks for dropping everything, running up there, digging in and figuring out all the details to save the remaining horses…

LHRA now has 46 extra horses – all in need of medical care.  It costs $450 EACH DAY to feed these horses.  That doesn’t include medicines…

Let’s help them in honor of their bravery and for fighting the good fight.  Let’s help them in honor of all those who died a horrible death before help arrived.

Enough. Let's help those who helped all of the surviving horses and who dignified those who didn't make it...


Gawd.  Let’s just help them.  Period.

Bravo LHRA, Bravo.

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Thank you.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. marsha wyatt

    I have been involved in the rescue of horses from similar situations many times. You never get used to it. So, my question as an investigator is “Who is responsible for this situation and who is pursuing the appropriate charges for this individual(s)?” As with VRose’s comment it is impossible for a situation like this to be “suddenly” discovered. It has been ongoing for a long time and people (enforcement agencies) were aware….. I am thankful most of the horses survived, but the ball was seriously dropped by local agencies. That is really inexcusable on all sides. It is so fortunate that LHRA and LSU were able to muster the personnel and logistics needed to save those left.

  2. Lana Marie

    Unbelievable….but not really! This horrific treatment towards horses contiues & I can not wrap my head around a human that chooses to LET THEM STARVE, don’t ask for help, don’t tell anyone etc. Their ‘name’ only looks that much worse NOW then had they asked or begged for help!!! Amazing work these groups have done for the survivors….I’m sicken by the ones that died they way they did. Whomever the ‘owner’ was please tell us they are facing several charges & DEMAND (the folks in that state) that your animal laws change. The humans who allowed this to happen MUST PAY GREATLY….NOW!! Publish their names … let the rest of the world know where exactly this ‘farm’ of horrors is located! All the very best to ALL you who rescued & of course to these beautiful animals.

  3. Naomi Gaitan

    Thank you LHRA & all those who are saving these horses lives. While I like to imagine the human responsible will be held accountable I have my doubts it will be adequate punishment. We need stronger laws & stiffer punishment & penalties when it comes to animal welfare. The true justice for these horses will come when those responsible answer to their Creator.

  4. Jenna

    I took in 3 mares from this horrible situation. All 3 are very loving caring animals. These mares were survivors & never again will they miss a meal. LHRA did a great job rescuing all of these poor babies & deserve recognition for what they have done.

  5. Lauren Lee

    It takes the most courageous, brave, large-hearted Souls to do this kind of work. THANK YOU all for saving the horses remaining and giving the ones on the edge some love on their way to the Rainbow Bridge. Even if you don’t have much to give, anything helps. If each of us gave $5 it would add up!

  6. VRose

    Now I am sick…I don’t understand how it could have gotten so bad without anybody noticing it before.I was involved in a case similar to this in Lockwood Valley California in 2006 to 2007. same type of situation, and it took months to get over what I saw. I am going to go hug my horses now… I hope those responsible get what they have coming.

  7. Susan White

    You are all to be thanked and congratulated for doing such a good job in this absolutely horrific situation.

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