It is always something…

I’m writing this just in case someone out there may need to feel solidarity.

You see, there is nothing wrong with his foot.

After 2 – X-ray$ and a thorough vet exam, they could find nothing.  Yet, it was something for about a week.  He kept chewing on his little toe, it was very red and he was limping.

I took him to the vet on the day that it appeared to be getting better.  But I thought it best to make sure.

I probably should have waited another day…

Yup.  Nothing.  The vet could find nothing.  (It had resolved itself…).  But the vet wanted to make sure he didn’t chew his toe to bits so…

Poor guy.  But at least the toe will heal from whatever it was, without him licking it raw.

And, I had the pleasure of paying for it – my impatient peace of mind.  (This is the part that some of you may relate to the most…).

If I had only waited one more day, I bet neither of us would be going through this.  I know if it was my own toe, I probably would have waited until it was almost falling off before going to the DR.  However, with my animals, not so much.  The animals get attention right away.

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