Remember our February 2020 Bucket Fund filly, Yarrow? Look at her NOW!

To review, our original Yarrow story is linked here.

It is heartwarming and thrilling to watch our Bucket Fund horses thrive!  Poor Yarrow was a reservation baby who was found in a meat auction.  Her little colt friend who was also in the pen with her at the auction, didn’t make it.  Yarrow barely survived.

Here are pics of Yarrow during her Intensive Care stay at the equine hospital.

Yarrow in ICU

Listening to her heart…

Finally strong enough to stand… but look at her condition!


Here is a post from her rescuers:

AND here is a post from her new owner:

“It takes a village to rescue- Many Heartfelt Thanks to ALL who donated for Valore’s hospital and rescue care!!! She is a magnificent filly in every way, and I love her fiercely!!! Please know that I so appreciate EVERYONE who donated, volunteered, and labored at 3 Sisters Equine Refuge. Valore will be inspected this fall for her Warmblood registration- after 2 DNA tests confirmed she is a fusion WB: Hanovarian/Trakehner/ Holsteiner!! ADOPT- Because, more than one life will be transformed”

Yarrow (Valore) Now!

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