Well how about THIS?! Do you know Nancy Mello?

I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this, but Dalton hates getting into the trailer.  He will happily get in if another horse is in there, but alone, not so much.

Even when he was at Gillian’s, she had a lot of trouble taking him anywhere alone in the trailer.  Since she had to ride several horses a day to keep them in shape, he ended up going with other horses often, which was fine with him.

He never got over his ‘thing’ about trailering alone.

Well, when he came home, I knew this was going to be an issue, so we worked on loading him in the trailer, hooking him, latching the divider and then leaving.  I’d come right back, give him a cookie and let him out.

That was working fine.

Then, one day 3 weeks ago, I actually drove off with him and took him riding.

He seemed fine.

We went riding and he seemed perfectly fine.


I reiterate.  He seemed fine.

But, he wouldn’t get into the trailer after that.

He might put in a foot or two, but it was NO DICE getting in.

I didn’t know what to do or what I had done.  Was the road too bouncy?  I know I always drive slowly and cautiously… did he hate the trail ride?  He seemed happy…  He got in to go home…  What happened?

I even had his teeth checked, just in case they clattered or cut him while traveling.

He was fine, but trailering was all a no-go.  Nothing was working.

So, I dug deep into my bag of tricks and decided to ask an animal communicator.


I asked Mr. Google who were the best animal communicators, and he told me about the top 10.

Perusing websites gave me hunches… and I picked Nancy Mello.  She didn’t have any appointments available for quite a while, but she had an option of ONE QUESTION for $50 and it would be answered within 96 hours.

That seemed fair.

So I paid and offered this question: Dalton, we need to trailer for fun activities… what can I do to help you get into the trailer?

Her answer came two days later.

And, this morning, on my first try after receiving Nancy’s answer, this happened:

He was so proud of himself, after loading and then turning around to get out, he wouldn’t. He stood there, glowing!


Dalton was so proud of himself.  I mean it.  He was glowing.  And, he wouldn’t get out.  I literally had to take off his lead rope and walk away before he hopped out.


I’m not going to say it will work for you, but it sure worked for me.

website: https://nancymello.com/

Tell her that Dalton and I sent you…

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  1. Nancy Mello

    I am JUST seeing this. I am so touched. He is such a good boy. I loved working with him. (He loved talking back, too. ??)
    Thank you so much for this sweet write up. I’m so glad I was able to help. ??

  2. Joanne Stefanyshyn

    Please don’t leave us in suspense! What was Dalton’s answer???

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