I’m wrangling CHICKENS AND GOATS this week!

My neighbor friend (Yes!  I have a new neighborfriend) had asked me to take care of her chickens and goats while she is away this week.

She said it was really easy, and just texted me instructions.

I have never taken care of chickens.  I’ve met one, once.  Hers.  Just a few weeks ago.  But I don’t know a thing about caring for them.

She said, “Just open their door in the morning and shut the door behind them at dusk.”

Seemed easy enough.


I guess I got there too early because the chickens were not at all ready to go to bed.  I took a video of my first attempt at ‘nighty night’.  As you can hear/see, I have no idea what I am doing.

Clearly, the chickens can take care of themselves… and pay a neverno mind to me.

Click here to watch my Chicken Wrangling movie.

Click image to watch movie of me wrangling chickens.

Although I failed miserably, I was impressed with how healthy/happy they looked.  And, one of them let me pet her, which was amazing.

When I texted the owner and said I couldn’t get them inside, she told me to ‘go back in an hour’.



The goat were so sweet and so friendly and so easy.  All they wanted was food and a rub.  Easy.

This one had a beard. Very sweet.

This is an Angora. She wouldn’t come too close.

Another angora… no issues here…


So I continued to try to herd them and instead, they sat in my lap, basically.

Here they are… a little mob of feathers. The 4th one, the one who wouldn’t go to bed, is off wandering around.

This is Cinnamon. I met her a few weeks back.

Here they are, pecking hay seeds out of my pants and jacket.

Cinnamon looking foul.

That’s the other one… far away and refusing to roost.


So I went home, sat around for 30 minutes and went back.

It was almost dark.  As I approached the chicken coop, I couldn’t see any of them.  The coop was empty!  Oh NO!

But I could hear them.

They were very near… but where?

I circled the coop.  No chickens.

I opened the egg part.  Lots of eggs, no chickens.

Wha?  What am I missing?!

Finally, I got my ‘spotlight’ app opened on my phone.

I shined it all around.

And then I caught a reflective beam.  A chicken eye!

It was up above… in the tiny rooflike area of the interior of the coop.  They were in the little rafters!  Two of them squished together.  So I went around to the other side of the coop and looked into the rafters there.  Yup.  Two more.

I know NOTHING about chickens.

But, they are super fun to watch!


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