MORE GREAT NEWS THIS WEEK! This time from my place in Grass Valley!

As most of you know, we rented out our Grass Valley ranchette to a lovely couple with two small children.  They had two horses and two dogs as well.

Although I really love the town of Paso Robles (where we live now), sometimes I bemoan the part about my perfectforme wood barn with tack room and hay storyage/wash rack  (which I don’t have here) and all the fenced and cross fenced paddocks (which I don’t have here), all the shelters (ditto) and the perfect dirt (’nuff said…) so it makes me feel good when I hear that very good use is being made of all of our land in Grass Valley.

*I just want to impart a great piece of advice from a reader… she told me that I should consider myself a pioneer.  When the pioneers first arrived, they had nothing – and they built what they needed.

For me, that really rang true.  I should turn around my thinking and instead of bemoaning what I don’t have anymore, I should be excited about the future and the prospect of creating something wonderful (or at least – efficient) on this new land.  It is barren and needs love.  I can do that.


Our tenants in Grass Valley, rescued a starved OTTB and rehabbed her at our place!  Here is a pic in my barn!

I love that they did this.  The mare looks so happy to be healthy!  I’m sure Mama Tess’ spirit lives there and offers support and comfort to all horses who reside in her barn.

Oh, and the tenants have two darling baby boys who get to play in the great outdoors of Grass Valley!

Before and after of the OTTB mare my tenant rescued. That’s my barn!

One of their little boys, enjoying the great outdoors of our place.


I still have these necklaces and they look GREAT together!  I know, I know, they are expensive, but they are BOTH on sale!  And I could run to the Post Office today, no worries!

I took a photo of them together – and I know it isn’t a great photo… but they do look great together or alone.  The white necklace also looks great with pearls!

The white necklace is full of handmade sterling beads and it took quite a while to make.  The silver necklace is robust.  All the beads were  handmade and are solid sterling silver!

They are really pretty and I would love someone to have one or both!

1 -HOLIDAY SNOW STORM necklace! $85! Now $64

Wear this one alone or layered with Pearls! Czech glass pearl drop with Czech glass beads, crystal beads, frosted beads and handmade Sterling silver heart charm at crystal closure. 19″



2 – Graduated sized Solid Sterling Silver (not hollow) all handmade beads with sterling crafted closure and handmade sterling heart charm.  This necklace has weight!  It lies beautifully and will be a stunning addition to any outfit.  Or, this would be a gift that would be remembered forever.  I’ve tried it on and I LOVE IT.  18″, the perfect length.

Sale price:  $335!  NEW SALE PRICE!  $268!

Click here to purchase Sterling necklace for $268.

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-7-02-03-pm screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-7-02-29-pm

We have a few more necklaces that I would happily overnight to you!

Click here to see all the sale jewelry.

Here are a few more..

3 –GREAT LAYERING CROSS – or wear alone! (Was $64) Now only $48!

Sterling silver hammered cross pendant on a frosted amber Czech glass necklace with handmade Sterling silver beads and handmade sterling silver cross at crystal closure. Necklace is 36″. Pendant is 2″ long and 1″ wide.

To purchase for $48, click here!

4-Snakeskin Blue Seas necklace/bracelet! Only $48!  NOW $36

Azure Czech glass beads in several shapes and sizes! Two handmade sterling beads plus a handmade sterling flower charm at crystal closure. 22″

To purchase for $36 click here!



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