MORE GREAT NEWS! We have almost reached our goal for the December Bucket Fund Mustangs!

I love good news, don’t you?  And this seems like the week for it!

I received the below email (full of good news) from our contact with our 23 Wild Mustangs for the December Bucket Fund, Willis Lamm.  We only need $300 to push us over the top of what is now needed!  (A few of our donations did not follow through which is why the thermometer went down a bit yesterday…)

Adoption Catalog listed here!

The horses who have yet to be adopted out of our 23. They are at the racetrack. Look at those healthy bodies, coats and feet!


(From Willis Lamm)

We did it!

We’re into our eleventh day of the “miracle rescue.”  (It’s a miracle due to several factors including that there were  other major issues that the groups are dealing with, it is the end of the year when funds start running short, and it’s the holiday season when it’s hard to get things done.)  Nonetheless the effort has been a remarkable success!

15 of the 23 horses have been adopted – some in small groups to keep family members together and in one case a whole family band stayed together.  Of the remainder, 5 have adoptions pending potential adopter compliance visits.  It appears that all the horses will be placed, although due to winter weather it may be a few days before some actually go to their new homes.

(Image: A small group of adopted horses settle in at their new permanent home.)

We wouldn’t have even attempted this effort without the backing of folks like you Horse and Man readers.  Having committed to this rescue, we had the good fortune of Dan Simpson making the Fernley 95a Speedway available for short term holding.  Board at the state facility was $136.00/day and having expenses cut to just the cost of feed, supplies and veterinary services allowed us to cut our fundraising goal from $4,000.00 to just over $2,000.00.  Then some folks matched some of the Drop in the Bucket Fund donations.  Those matches didn’t appear on the donation thermometer but they brought us up to the revised goal.

Readers can follow the “adventures” involving these horses on Facebook.  They have their own group – NNCC Virginia Range Horses.

WE ONLY NEED $300 MORE!  Can you help this holiday season?  Many, many thanks!

  If the button is not working, click here to donate!I can easily email to you a donation certificate you can give as a gift!  Just let me know in the ‘memo’ section of the Pay Pal checkout!


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