ANOTHER SHELTER!! Life is changing around here!!

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!!  Another shelter!


So I went into the local shelter place, EQ-WINE COVERS, with my producing money in hand, to purchase another 27 x 18 steel shelter.  My plan is to make a ‘two-stall plus shade aisle’ type of structure in Norma and Dodger’s area.  The goal is to have a ‘sick bay’ for anyone I need to tend to this winter.  And, when not in use, it can double as a grooming shelter or anything else.

OK, so I went into the shelter place… and ordered it.   Yay!  Just ordering it felt so good!   I’ve waited (and so have the horses…) for so long, it seems.

Well, I must have gone in on the right day because as we were talking (I had purchased the first shelter from them, so she recognized me), I told her how our place is barren and we need anything and everything to create wind breaks and shade and weather protection…

AND FROM THAT… she said, well, we can give you a shelter … – it will be used material, but it will all go together perfectly.  She said that she admired that Horse and Man raised money for horses in need!


So, when they delivered the shelter that I purchased, they also delivered an 18 x 18 used shelter for free!   All I had to do was hire a guy to put it up!  And I did.  Yesterday.

I decided to put it in the rectangular paddock since it didn’t have any shade.  Now, it does!  Now I can separate the big gang of Finn, BG, Wrigley, Missy Miss and Mo.  Missy Miss and Mo need to be alone for a while so that she can lose weight and also so that I can work with them more – without being constantly Wrigley-bugged.


I’m sitting in Marty’s Grooming Hut with Josue’s son, Enoc. Enoc is telling me all about his life as we watch his Dad put up the shelter.

I thought this shot was interesting… see how the light reflected off the metal roof makes Josue’s face so bright? In production, we call that a ‘shiny board’. The lighting guys use a portable reflective, silver board to catch the light and bounce it off of an actor’s face – just like it is doing here in this shot.

This was taken the next morning. Finn and BG decided to take over the rectangular paddock for today, so I locked them in there.

As you can barely see here on the right side of frame, in the morning, the new shelter throws shade over the feeder in the big paddock, too!  Good thing the roof cleared the little Sycamore tree!  (You can see Wrigley eating out of the feeder in the larger paddock.)

This was Annie and Gwen this morning. They want treats.

Below you can see the shelter that I bought, which is the same size as Annie and Gwen’s shelter (27 x 18), laying on the ground here. It will go up as soon as we get a part that was added and didn’t arrive with this package. Hopefully it will be within this month. The shelter place is so busy, it is difficult to be scheduled in.


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  1. DMCQ_AL

    Wow! So glad for you. The changes are just multiplying and your dreams are showing up beautifully!

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