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OK, so you know how I love surprises…  (and new horse products…).

I’m always a buyer of grab-bags and surprise gifts and “??” bags.  I am the one who will buy a mystery box at the local fair or the ‘bonus bundle’ at the nursery.

So… when I heard about Saddle Box, a new company that delivers equestrian themed boxes full of little surprises each month, I was totally on board.  What new products would they send to me?  What would arrive that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself but would love to have…?

Well, today my Saddle Box arrived!

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Directly from the website:

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Here is a photo of the inside of my Saddle Box.  As you can see, they personalized the box with a bright turquoise exterior and a lovely family photo on the inside.  Nice touch!

My box that arrived for me today.

Inside was:

  1.  –ClintRMint Company horse treats!  To be honest, my dogs ate the first two with total glee!  I brought the rest out to my skinny horses (not for IR or Cushing horses) and they LOVED them.

You know what else I liked about this inclusion, is that ClintRMints are from ETSY. They aren’t a big company… they are made by a person (or several people working really hard) who has a name and a face.  I love this.  It feels good to support a smaller business.  Also,one could have direct contact with the baker – when ordering on Etsy.  Nice that Saddle Box looks for vendors from all walks of retail.

Click for ClintRMints

2)  The Little Red Book of Horse Wisdom.   Well, I haven’t read this book, but it looks very sweet.  I will put it on my bedstand and read a page every night before I nod off.   I think this book would be great as a stocking stuffer or hostess gift or birthday gift…

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3). DECKER Face Brush:  I have a few face brushes, but it is nice to have a fresh one that belongs to no one.  I think I will gift it to either Annie or Missy Miss.

When I first had horses, I didn’t know face brushes existed.  I can tell you that horses love the softer, silkier fronds on those delicate areas!


4). CHAMBERLAIN’S LEATHER MILK:   I have never tried this… I need to clean my saddle so I will use it soon.  The website says really good things.  I’m excited.  This is a trial size.  So, if it works, I’ll probably get more to do my bridles, etc.


5). NEIGH BAR, NATURAL HORSE SHAMPOO:  Another Etsy find!  Another product made by a real person.  I’m very pleased that SaddleBox finds boutique products!  I have not yet used this shampoo, but the fragrance is wonderful and the ingredients look divine.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, citronella essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil

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6). EPONA GOLD HORSE PICK:  OK, so who doesn’t always need another hoof pick?  I have several stashed all over.  This one is metal (horse shoe) so it should last a lot longer than the plastic kind.  I haven’t used it yet, but I imagine it is very strong!  The Epona people know hooves.

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7). A RED BANDANA!  (21 x 21 square cotton)  I think Scoutypants will be the recipient of this lovely, all cotton, bandana.  But, I could see it as a napkin or basket liner or as a… bandana!

A cotton 21″x21″ bandana!


I found more reviews on the Saddlebox.net website:

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When Saddle Box is profitable, they are planning on giving back.  Nice.

Read more here.

HERE IS WHERE YOU GET YOURS! (no affiliation)

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On the website it says that each subscriber receives fresh cookies.  I was a one-time person, so that is probably why I didn’t receive any cookies.  However, they do offer the recipe on their website linked here.

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