Amazing Video of the Queen’s horses!

Angus Robertson posted this amazing video on FB!  I’m hoping I was able to convert it so that you can see it here.  These are the Queen’s horses.  I have no idea what they are doing and why they are being transported in this way… but it doesn’t matter.  I loved watching it.

(Does anyone know the story here?)

If the video is not working for you, click here to go to his FB page and watch it from there.

The title:  Morning! From the Queen’s horses. Battersea Park London.



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  1. Jan Hoole

    It looks like the household cavalry horses, or possibly the Kings Troop, which are artillery horses. No idea where they’re going, but it could just be exercise for the horses. They are certainly military horses of some kind and those are the only regiments that I know of that keep that many horses in London.

  2. Helen

    If these are indeed the Queens horses they would be mostly her carriage horses out for exercise. Someone on Angus’s FB page says they are actually army horses. Who knows, they are a beautiful sight regardless and obviously well trained and used to this.


  3. Bonnie

    Imagine having @ 75 horses to bridle up before a morning walk around?

    wow and owning 75 , and those are only training bridles, did you notice how many were women?

  4. Ina M Ish

    Totally awesome! I can’t begin to guess how many horses the Queen has, but it is more than anybody else I know of! Thanks for posting.


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