A Newsy Friday… Fire injured horses, the 25 Mustangs in the Feedlot – Saved!, and Good News about the Budweiser Clydes!

First of all, I stand corrected.  Thank you, kind reader.

The Budweiser Clydesdales were NOT nixed from the circuit altogether, just nixed from the Draft Horse Classic.  And, maybe they will be back next year.  So, I am sorry for upsetting some of you by not getting clarity from my source at the Draft Horse Classic.  My bad and I should know better –  I graduated from Journalism school… Sheesh.  I’m embarrassed by my gaff.

So, Yay!  The Budweiser Clydes still exist – for now… There seems to be much Internet rumbling regarding their future, but no real threat coming from the new owner, InBev.  So, I think we are good.

BURNED HORSES – Maya and Northstar

There were two horses who were burned recently.

The first was the mare who saved her baby from the fire.  Remember her – Maya?  Well, I found out from her owner, Kim, that all of her medical bills were paid (mostly through very generous donations!) and the mare is doing very well!  A great ending to a tragic and sentimental story.

If you missed Maya’s story, here it is.

Maya has almost fully recovered! And, all of her medical bills have been paid!


Secondly, remember the poor gelding, Northstar, who had some sort of chemical poured on his neck and then he was set on fire – by vandals.



If you missed the story, here is his website and here is a video that tells the story…  (Clearly his family is devoted to his recovery.)

I just heard today that Northstar is doing better… not great, but way better.  Northstar can now lower his head all the way to the ground to eat.  And, he’s eating and drinking regularly.  They’ve cut his pain meds.

If you’d like to follow his progress, here is a link to his website.  His owner and vet keep a fairly regular blog here so it is a good source.

Here is the most recent update:

9/25/12-“Northstar is stable and being a wonderful patient. We are very
encouraged at yesterday’s dressing change in that the area where bone is exposed is almost covered with healthy granulation tissue. After some bone debridement, for which Northstar was a champion, we are hopeful that by the start of next week we should have

covered the bone completely. What’s even more impressive is that we didn’t even need to sedate or twitch him for this procedure; he is allowing us to treat his wounds with only bribes in the form of Apple Wafers :) As always, we are pleased with his progress, and even though baby steps are being made each day, we are seeing real and tangible improvement. His cells are growing in the lab and as each day passes we are getting closer to considering skin grafts and potentially cell based therapy. We wish to thank everyone for their support of Northstar, but also the team here at OSU. It is truly appreciated.” Sam Hurcombe

Poor Northstar… some sicko poured a chemical on his body and lit him on fire. He is recovering but it will be a long road. His family loves him dearly.

….Here is a link to the newest story from NBC.

And here is an excerpt:

“Northstar is recovering well. It’s truly amazing that every challenge he has faced so far he has overcome,” said Dr. Samuel Hurcombe. “We have also seen an improvement in how he moves around. He was previously unable to reach all the way down to the ground because of pain. As of two days ago, he has been able to graze from the ground seemingly with ease and without significant discomfort. Most importantly, Northstar’s personality is so endearing to all who work with him. He still has a wonderful attitude, eats well, enjoys treats whenever he can get them and is so tolerant of all we need to do with him. On a personal note, I am touched by the community support to Northstar and his owners by all who know of his story. This is truly a remarkable horse and the power of positivity cannot be discounted in a case like this.”


This is a recent photo of Northstar and you can see the deep burns on his face.



GREAT NEWS!  Through sheer willpower and human unification, all 30 terrified wild horses from the Virginia Range in Nevada – who were quietly captured and put directly into a feedlot for slaughter – were saved on Tuesday!

This is one of the foals who was rescued on Tuesday!

This is Sandy. She is one of the newly captured wild horses who was narrowly saved from ‘straight to slaughter’ with 29 other herdmates from the Virginia range.

Not only that, they were transported out of that horrible place and temporarily housed immediately.

Here is a video of the group in their safe pen…


The below news story has a ton of  information – all about the Nevada Range Horses, how to help and who is in charge.

This group is amazing. They’ve banded together to rescue their native horses – in hours. They had only hours! Click image to learn all about them and how to help or follow the progress!


Our Bucket Fund money will most likely go towards their vetting and food.  30 horses is A LOT to maintain.   So, every drop really helps.  THANK YOU for supporting these horses via the Bucket Fund!

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Help Support the 30 Virginia Range mustangs who were just rescued this month and need groceries! Click image to read the story and donate!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    No, they don’t have a home – just a temporary holding place that is ideal for now… but won’t be good during winter. Yes, it would be nice to keep this family band together.

  2. may

    I thought they had a similar “home” available for them after rescue – but it looks like they’re looking for adoptive homes after all? I’d sure like to see them together and free at a refuge somewhere…

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