An UPDATE on Dominick and Maria (Man and Goose) AND, I saw WILD HORSE WILD RIDE!

First of all…

The movie was very emotional without hitting you over the head.  The stories were so real – several different types of people trying to communicate and train these fresh from the wild (and very emotional) horses.

The film was put together via contestant narration.  It was insightful and inspiring.

All of us were rooting for different trainers – for all different reasons…

Our group had 4 (Hubby and me, friend and her husband) and there wasn’t a dry eye.  In fact, all of us in the theater were laughing and crying together.   We were bonded as a rooting/cheering section for all of the trainers and their horses.

Clearly, one doesn’t  have to be a horse person to relate.  I could tell that most of the men in the crowd had been brought by their significant others.  Yet, EVERYONE was chattering and cheering…  Relationships, struggle, bonding, separation and reward are concepts we can all understand.

Besides, most of the trainers were men.

The horses were beautiful.

The relationships were beautiful.

The ending was surprising…

And, the scenery was very nice – shot well.

If you can find a showing, go.

Here is the website.  Here is the FB page.

Here is the “demand a viewing” link.

The DVD will be on sale December 4th!

Click image to go to the website and see if it is playing near you and when!



A kind reader gave me a link to the update on Maria the goose and her human friend, Dominick.

Yesterday, I showed you a video of a certain goose, living in a city park, who was enamored with a human, Dominick.  The story also said that her lake was going to be drained and she was to be temporarily moved…

Well, here is the update!

Click image to watch the update on Maria and Dominick!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Delrene

    It was a terrific movie. and thanks for the DVD available 12-4 announcement.
    I hope the goose. does ok for two years while they renovate Echo Park Lake. I’m not sure I want to know what happened to all the others.

    when I saw it down at Gaslamp in San Diego there were only 3 ladies and that included my friend and I ….. Hope it gets more exposure.

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