The HARMANY GRAZING MUZZLE – more airflow and lightweight!

There are many of you out there who need an equine grazing muzzles for your IR or Cushings horses – or your nippybitey horses.

Well… most of the grazing muzzles on the market are a bit heavy and clunky.   Some horses hate them because the muzzles can feel claustrophobic, heavy and hot.

(My Norma Jean wears her Tough One grazing muzzle just fine… but Mama Tess will have none of it.)

Today, I stumbled upon THE HARMANY GRAZING MUZZLE.

You can see that they appear more lightweight than most equine grazing muzzles and also have more air holes.  Also, the feeder holes are adjustable, which is nice.  The video says you can pop out one bottom hole or several – depending upon your horses’ needs.

CLICK IMAGE to go to website.

CLICK IMAGE to go to website.


A BIT OF WORK… but a new concept for those difficult horses.

OK, to be honest, there is a bit of work involved to form these muzzles to your horse’s face.  But, I’m thinking it could be well worth it for those of you who are frustrated with conventional grazing muzzles.

There is some heating, bending and fitting involved.  And, after that, you will have to secure it (in a few ways) to your own break-away halter.

But, for those of you who are going crazy trying to figure out how to slow down sugar intake and give your horse that very needed grazing experience, this could be a solution for you.

Click image to go to the sizing and fitting page

Click image to go to the sizing and fitting page


Dr. Joyce Harman, the creator of this muzzle, is a vet specializing in IR/Cushing horses.  In fact, she was keyed into this issue before there was a name for these conditions.

Harman also knew that many of these horses need workable grazing muzzles.  So, she went to work designing one of her own that dispels most of the major negative issues with horses and grazing muzzles.

This design is simple, lightweight and highly adaptable. But, there is work involved to form it to your horse.

This page has sizing and fitting instructions written and in video format.

Personally, I don’t think the instructions are overwhelming at all – and once you get going, I think the fitting makes logical sense.  So, for me, if I needed this, I would probably try it.  After all, getting a horse out there and moving without too much sugar – is a huge step towards healing.

Clearly, it is more breathable and lighter in weight than traditional grazing muzzles.

Clearly, it is more breathable and lighter in weight than traditional grazing muzzles.



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  1. Victoria Webster Pinner

    Hi Dawn,
    Back in the Spring, I bought 2 Harmany Grazzing Muzzles for my fat Annie the mustang, and my other fatty Sophie Grey the donkey. While Sophie’s muzzle is holding up, I just tossed Annie’s in the trash. She punched out extra holes in the bottom, but today, she came in with the whole back panel broken off. She is back in her easy breathe muzzle by Tuff One at 1/2 the cost of this Kevlar one. I like that it was light on her head, and didn’t weigh her head down, but the cost for a few months (and the season isn’t even over) prohibitive.

  2. Nicole

    How funny, I got my make-shift card board cross all set up to measure my horses today. I am using the handles from a paper bag. Also decided I will make both horses wear them, that way my Arabian mare will have no excuse to say “why me?” :)))
    Hope this works!

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