My May ‘A HORSE BOX’ was jammed full! Come look what was inside!

Do any of you receive the fun and wonderful ‘A HORSE BOX’ monthly?  I signed up just to give myself a fun treat every once and a while – since we don’t have a Starbucks nearby…  ;)

The Horse Boxes are full of grab-baggy kinds of surprise new products and items that you may never have heard of or tried yet – or just never gave to yourself or your horse.  I LOVE IT.

I love to get surprises and I love to learn about new products.  And, whatever I receive that won’t work for me, I can give away to friends.  Win-Win.

If you want to sign up, click here.  They have A HORSE BOX, A TACK BOX, and A MINI BOX!  (NO affiliation!)

This is what I received in my May 'A Horse Box'!

This is what I received in my May ‘A Horse Box’!


OK, so … this month’s box was full of products that they have to carefully wedge into the standard sized box (that must be a feat in itself!) plus several coupons.

1)  MY FAVORITE item of this month’s A HORSE BOX was being introduced to NICKER BAIT which has an item called, ‘PILL CAMO’.

OMGOSH!  I am ordering the Pill Camo right away!

But first, a tester of the ‘Ultimate Coconut Cookie’ – which is grain free and starch free (Great for Tess – IR resistant and Cushings) – was in my box.  Tess gobbled them up so fast I gave her both!  Loved them!  And, the website has a 20% coupon right now so go get some!


And then, while on the Nicker Bait site, I saw the PILL CAMO!  I’m going to try it for my donk, Norma Jean, who refuses any pill at any time in any product in any format – as soon as she knows I’m trying to pill her, she won’t eat anything I bring to her.

So, this is the ultimate test.  I will let you know!


Here is a link to the Nicker Bait FB page.

Click image to go to the Nicker Bait FB page.

2)  SHOW SHEEN detangler gel.

I used this on Tess’ tail and it worked well.  But, to be honest, for me, I prefer the more natural products (EquiSpa) that are more fragrant.  But, I was happy to try a new product!  Today, SmartPak is the least expensive place to buy it.



3)  BIO GROOM golden sheen shampoo.

Golden Sheen shampoo is called, “perfection in a bottle” but I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know.  Tess is due for a bath so I will try it on her.   It is nice to receive perfection in a bottle.  Also, the company is family owned, which I like – but of course, I need to try it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.48.34 PM


I did use Silverquine Gel on Tess because I use EquiSilver spray on her wounds daily – and I really think it has helped keep infections away from her open wounds.  I must say, I really liked having a gel form of this kind of product.  Gel is easier to pack into areas and make sure it stays up in there.

It is spendy, but I do think silver products work well, naturally.

4_OZ_Tube_1280x850__29470.1428039907.1280.12805) Hay Where’s That Winky Wash n Udder Stuff:

I used That Winky Wash Udder Stuff and it was very nice.  The list of ingredients sound so good, you could eat it… However, I have to say that I am still a major fan of EquiSpa’s Udder Cleanse because it is so mild, you don’t have to rinse it – which then helps keep the flies away.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 7.15.30 PM

Click to go to website


Not only did we receive a small sampler bag of this lovely and fragrant Cavalor Pianissimo feed, but we also received a $2 off coupon!  I gave the sample to Dodger and he inhaled it.  It does have molasses.

FOR HOT HORSES AND HORSES PRONE TO STRESS, TAKING A BREAK FROM COMPETITION, TEMPORARILY AT REST OR SENSITIVE TO HIGH LEVELS OF PROTEIN Cavalor® Pianissimo is specially formulated for hot horses and horses prone to stress. Cavalor® Pianissimo contains the needed nutritional components for a well-balanced and complete sport horse feed. This feed is highly suitable for horses at rest. Horses at rest are usually given less feed and more roughage to reduce the level of energy ingested due to the lack of exercise during this period. This feeding alteration can result in a nutritional imbalance (nutritional deficiency). Cavalor® Pianissimo contains a very low protein content (7.75 % digestible crude proteins) making it suitable for feeding in addition to roughage rich in protein (such as silage or spring grass) as it is not advisable to feed excessive amounts of protein on a daily basis. The low protein content in Cavalor® Pianissimo makes it ideal for horses slowing down training after a competition season, horses temporarily at rest (recovery) or horses sensitive to high levels of protein. Cavalor® Pianissimo is enriched with OMEGA 3 PLUS to support general fitness and well-being as well as FLORASTIMUL to ensure the efficient absorption of all nutrients while promoting healthy digestion.


Click to go to website.

7)  Coupon for Silver Whinnys sox for horses!

I could see several uses for these Silver Whinnys Sox.  I could have used a set this week for when Norma’s legs were healing from the scrapes she acquired – somehow.  The flies were really feasting on her legs.  These sox eliminate flies and dirt from let wounds.  Hmmmmmm.  Sounds very promising.

They also say it ‘stops the stomping’ during fly season.




We have reached our goal for these BLM mares and their babies to find freedom again!  Click here to read their story, donate and check on the donation thermometer!  Also, purchasing any H&M Jewelry will also benefit these pairs!

We are halfway there!  click image to donate to these mares so they can have freedom again!

We are halfway there! click image to donate to these mares so they can have freedom again!


JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES!  Every donation counts!  Click image to see the new pieces!

JEWELRY THAT BENEFITS THE BUCKET FUND HORSES! Every sale counts! Click image to see the new pieces!

To see all the pieces for sale:  Click here for webpage, click here for Facebook!


FEATURED: Caribbean Holiday necklace! All that color and happy for only   $38!
Czech glass azure, turquoise and seagreen graduated beads with gemstone closure and handmade Sterling gardenia at closure! 18″

To purchase, click here!

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.00.41 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 8.50.35 PM

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