Focusing away from the fires for a moment… LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL!

(Bowing head towards fires in CA.  They aren’t here in my town and they aren’t near our house in Grass Valley.  Counting blessings.)  I’m putting together a Bucket Fund that involves horses and these fires…


These are the items on my desk right now.  I either have to try them, write about them or read them… !  So much to do and so little time!  (Remember Gene Wilder saying that in Willy Wonka?!)


They sent a pair because I was raving about the neck cool down I have!    Wasn’t it nice of them to send something for the Bucket Fund?


This is the exact pair they sent to me to sell for the Bucket Fund. Brand new.

Click image to go to website.

2 – HAVE YOU HEARD OF NEIL DAVIES FROM AUSTRALIA?  I hadn’t either… but a friend who I respect suggested I get his book… so I did!

The book came from Australia and it is signed!  Ha!  Who knew?!  I didn’t ask for it to be signed.  I imagined him sitting in his office, taking book orders, signing books and sending them off!  Cool!

Anyway, the first few chapters have let me know that he is an older guy who has been around horses all his life – and loves them, truly.

He doesn’t put up with any cruel treatment and feels that all horses can be great citizens if started well.  No fancy gimmicks.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten… I have to read it – it is on my nightstand now.  The book has tons of photos and seems to go from foaling to finished.

I bought this book on a recommendation. It came from Australia – signed!

3–Amazon always has those ‘twofers’ so I opted to get Mark Rashid’s book as well.  I haven’t even cracked it yet.  But, I looked at the pictures – I love pictures – and it looks to be interesting!

It is my next book to read after I finish the one from Australia.

4- I’ve never tried this before… THE MISSING LINK FOR HORSES – SKIN AND COAT.  but I’ve been looking all over to find a new top dressing supplement that is a great overall feed since my fan favorite for 20 years, Equion, closed shop.

My neighbor said the the Missing Link for dogs was a miracle… so I ordered the Missing Link for Horses.  Let’s see how it goes.  I will let you know.

Has anyone tried it?

DOVER HAS A HUGE SALE going on right now!  (I wish I would have ordered from this sale…)

click to go to website

This is my bag and I paid a lot more! I am hopeful that I will see a difference since I cannot get my favorite, Equion, anymore.

5–A PAIR OF SCOOT BOOTS CAME FOR FINN!  I am so excited about this!  A few weeks ago, I wrote about Scoot boots, asking if anyone had tried them.  Well… the company got enough hits on their website from that post to offer me a pair!


I was so excited!  The farrier came and I immediately measured Finn after his fresh trim (according to their specifics on the website – really easy).

The boots came super fast – all the way from their marketing team in Australia (they have an outlet in the Texas, so never fear)!  I cannot wait to try them!

This is Finn’s new pair of Scoot Boots! I cannot wait to try them!

Click image to go to the website!

6–I have A NEW PAIR OF SILVER WHINNYS (SUMMER WHINNYS) SOX FOR HORSES for Norma Jean to wear.  Norma has donkey psoriasis all over her front legs that comes every summer.  I have to treat it… and it is best if I wrap her legs.  So these are going to be great!

I like that healing silver is embedded in the sox.  I’ve already put one on her left front leg.  I’m going to see the difference between sock and no sock and then report back.

Excited for NJ!


7 – I purchased a HYBRID HALTER for Annie – kindof on impulse.  I had seen it at a few shows and was curious.  Since I have purchased a few halters that have not fit her, I decided to give this one a try to satisfy my curiosity.  Now that I have it, I’m not sure I like the knots over the nose for a first halter… but I haven’t tried it yet …  I just anticipate she will not like those knots.  But they are off sides, not really on the nose part, so it may be just fine.

At least I know it will fit her… and I need to peruse the website to see all the benefits of this hybrid halter.  Annie is big and pushy with other horses, but she is actually quite respectful of me – so I probably don’t need this kind of halter, but again, I’ll report once I’ve used it.

This is my Hybrid Halter that I purchased for Annie.

This is the photo from the website.

THAT’S IT… for now…

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