Some HEARTFELT AND POSITIVE stories from the CA fires…

I have been overwrought by how these fires are consuming so much – creating such havoc and sorrow here in California…

…I thought it would be good to post some positive stories I’ve found today.   Through all the suffering, there is light.

  1.  Deadly Flames Threaten Wildlife Site But One Man Stays Behind With Hose To Keep Animals Safe…  You may have heard about how the owner, Peter Lang, of Safari West, alone, saved all 1000 of the animals in his care – with a garden hose and determinationClick here to read the story… 

Click image to go to news story…

2)  This post showing frightened but safe horses looking for their owners – was on my news feed.  The horses were reunited with their owners…  this is just one sample of how everyone is pulling together to help.  So many animals were set free because the unpredictable winds have caused these fires to erupt so quickly, that people have no time/warning.  Luckily for these horses, they stuck together and were rescued by strangers who then found their owners.

So remarkable!

3)  From the Mercury News, a great story of how a fairgrounds that was set to be destroyed has now provided safety for so many evacuated and rescued horses!  Click here to read the story!

Click image to read the full story.

4)  This is a Facebook post, so maybe not all of you could click on it to view it… but the story is that these animals (and many others) are being treated for burns.  All are looking for their owners. 

Such humanity to care for these pets, not knowing if services will be compensated – just doing it because it is the right thing to do.




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