SAM’S HOOVES ARE CRACKING. An Opportunity to do another TRIAL!! Omega Alpha MINEREQ!

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Once again, you readers were able to raise enough money (in 24 hours) to help save the 22 yearlings and 2 year-olds in the kill pen!

WAHOO!  Bravo!

Yesterday I wrote about the nimnull breeder who dropped off another 33 youngsters to the killpen.  11 had been adoptd already.  We had the opportunity of helping the remaining 22 by offering to feed them therefore buying time for them to be placed.  You can read the original story here.

Well, I don’t know all the details but Debra, the leader of the brigade to save them, emailed me and told me that she had enough money through the Bucket Fund to provide what was needed for these babies – and that all of them were either placed – or saved and slated to be moved/boarded within two weeks!

YAY!  Amazing!  33 horses placed in just a few days.

I will do a follow up once I know the details.


Yes, I have been a bad caretaker of my horses for the past few months…

Hmmmm.  My list of excuses goes something like this:  2 huge jobs – one of those jobs came directly from hell and was run by the devil herself – a family vacation and then some sort of sickness that rendered me unable to get off the couch for the last 4 days…

(shrugging sheepishly)  Maybe I just got lazy for a while.

To be fair to myself, they haven’t been neglected.  All the horses have had food, water and salt… But I haven’t been giving them their daily supplements because I’ve had feeders in (or Hubby and kids) who are not interested in memorizing my daily labyrinth charts of who gets what.

If the hay makes it over the fence, it’s a good day…

And, mostly, that was fine.

…Except for Sam, the untouchable wild mare.

YIKES! When did this happen?!


Sam is untouchable, mostly.  I can pet her face and neck, but grooming her or offering a fly mask (gawd forbid) would be utterly insane – in her opinion.

To touch her feet would be laughable – in her opinion.  So, in the 3 years that she has lived here (and foaled here, she was a pregnant wild mare rescue), her feet have never been trimmed.

Luckily, they never needed trimming.  I mean, they weren’t pretty because they self trimmed willy-nilly…  But she kinda rocked that ‘wild horse au naturale’ look.  Tousled mane, wild eye, snorty face and uneven nails – kinda the Britney Spears of the paddock.  It worked for her and it worked for me.

Until yesterday…


OMG.  I looked down at her feet yesterday and WHAT HAPPENED?!

Missy Stronghoof needs some Knox gelatin mix.  They looked awful.  That happened fast.  Wow.

Yes the ground is hard right now but her feet have never, ever looked bad.

Supplement time!

The company gave this to me to try for her hooves... My trial starts tomorrow!


So, I have a few test items from Omega Alpha.  One of them is Minereq.  It is supposed to really help with feet.  So, I’m going to try it for a month and see if I notice healthier regrowth – or if I notice anything, which I’m sure I will.

From the website

Generally, Omega Alpha products have totally WOWED me.  I love the Anti-Flam (works like Banamine or Bute w/o the stomach woes), Sinew-X (made my old arthritic mare kick up her heels), Respi-Free (totally opened the airway of my allergic pony) and Biotic 8 (fixed the stomach issues with Remi).

(I’m even thinking of importing these products from Canada and having them available here on the site.  But, still thinking about that one.)

Anyway, I LOOOVE trials.  So, we start tomorrow.

What's inside. Important to know.


As many of you know, I have been very ill the last few days.  The antibiotics kicked my butt and I need some sort of probiotic for my stomach.

Well, I called the Omega Alpha people and asked if I could take the Equine Biotic 8.  I know it did wonders for Remi and Wrigley so I thought I would try it.

They said YES.  So, I’m going to start taking it tomorrow as well, to help my stomach rebuild.


I will let you know, for sure!!


I'm borrowing Remi's Biotic 8 for myself!! I'll let you know...



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Miss Jan

    You know it’s just downright amazing that it sure seems that when I look at my own horses and realize hey something’s missing and I think it might be minerals and probiotics….then suddenly two products are reviewed by you….I have in my assorted herd a twenty-something gelding (had since he was 2 months old!) who doesn’t seem to be being helped any more by the probiotics that I have been using for him, and his coat and feet look absolutely terrible right now. So guess who is going to buy everything that you reviewed today!!!

    Also old horseman’s trick which is to keep a lovely muddy mess right by the pasture trough that they have to wade into and soak their feet when they go to water. In the area I live in, we have wet, wet wet and then all of a sudden everything is bone dry and horse hooves just don’t seem able to adapt that fast (yes, the Willamette Valley is much more of an oak savannah climate than a 4-season one so we have variations on the theme of drought and monsoon). So letting the pasture trough run over for a while and make mud is an easy thing to do and several times during turnout they are getting a nice mud manicure!

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