DO SUPPLEMENTS WORK? The other supplements I re-ordered today… Equion and Equine Chia.

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Yesterday I wrote about how for several reasons (excuses), I quit giving my horses their supplements for the past few months.  Because I hadn’t given supplements, Sam’s hooves had degenerated.  I stated that I was going to try Omega Alpha’s MINEREQ as a test to see if it rebuilds her hooves.

Well, all of that got me thinking…


Y’know, there a zillions out there.  I am always amazed at the pages and pages and pages of supplements in every equine catalog.

How could one possibly understand it all?

Well, you kinda have to be a chemist, really.  And, honestly, WHO really reads all the labels and then actually understands how all the compounds work together?

Very few.

I’ve had chemists and nutritionists take me through a lot of this and what they say about some manufacturers would make your blood boil.  Did you know that some ingredients won’t digest at all unless there is another specific ingredient to compliment it?  Did you know that only certain forms of many ingredients are digestible or strong enough to do any good?

I’m sure we’ve all wasted money on a product that seemed to not make any difference at all – or that the animal wouldn’t eat.

Most of us rely on luck, chance and the success of others when choosing a supplement.

And, sometimes the petri dish is in your own backyard…


So yesterday, after I discovered Sam’s chipped feet, I decided to walk through every paddock and see if I saw any other changes from NOT using my ‘daily for years’ regular supplements.

I did.

I noticed that all of their coats were not as sparkly and shiny as usual.  (I especially noticed a change in the ponies.)  And my happy  mares were not as happy as they normally have been.  They didn’t look as good, either.  I saw less dappling and I didn’t like the texture of their new mane and tail hairs.

I mean, they don’t look BAD.  No one would ever notice what I noticed.  But, I saw it.  For sure.  And, I didn’t like it.



Daily Supplements are important (especially if your hay quality varies).  Clearly, my animals are not quite the best they could be when I quit feeding them the extra ooomph that the supplements provide.

For me, and for what I noted yesterday, I can unequivocally state that two different daily supplements do help my horses.


I started using Equion 20 years ago.  I forget who turned me onto it but at that time, I was breeding my mare and needed something to help correct her cycles and get her ready.  I was told to purchase Equion.

I did.  It came in a no-frills bucket.  I used it for all of my horses because it also creates a fine hair coat and strengthens feet as well as balancing hormones.  It isn’t specific to mares.  Everyone got it.

Over time, the changes were subtle but dramatic.  All of them had very solid feet – or as solid as their particular conformation would allow -.  All of them were dappled and all of them had fabulous manes and tails.

I actually didn’t notice the changes until I would send a horse into training and the trainer would ask me what I was feeding him because he looked incredible.  Wow.  Trainers rarely tell a person that their homegrown horse looks fabulous.  But, they did.

I would tell them to use Equion.

No frills, just a bucket of good. Click on image to go to site.

And, I have to say… the past couple of months, I haven’t had any Equion and I really see the lack.  Their dappling is almost gone.  Their coats don’t look as nice, the mares aren’t as happy and we’ve already seen Sam’s hooves from yesterday.

So, I ordered a huge pail of it today.  (Click here to go to their website and learn about Equion.)

While I was on the site, I also saw that they have a 40% OFF (Wahoo!) Special during August on their Hoof Supplement.  I’ve never used it but I bought it just because of the sale.  I will use it on BG, I think, since I am already using the MINEREQ on Sam.

Anyway, I am endorsing (no affiliation) this product because it has worked for me for years and I know the compounding is correct.

And, the same guy has been in charge of shipping from the website for years and he is really good.  He ships on time and always remembers you.


OK, well, I haven’t been using this for a long time.   I’ve used it every day for about 4 months on the ponies.  After about one month, I saw a big difference in their topline.  Their coats looks shiny and they seemed to be slightly less potbellied and more alert.  After the 4th month, I thought they had shaved a few years off of their 20 year old selves.

I wrote about it here.

Anyway, they don’t look as good right now.  Their spines are starting to show again and they don’t look as perky and shiny overall.  So, I have to say that the Equine Chia was helping them.

Has anyone else had success with the Chia?  I have only used it on my older ponies but it sure made a visible difference.

I ordered more.  I got the bag without the scoop (because I only used half of the scoop on the ponies anyway) and it is a really good deal.  Actually, it is all relatively inexpensive.

Here is the link to order it in several sizes.

Click here to order



Since we are chatting about ordering, I wanted to bring to your attention the Equi-Spa August Special.   BUY ONE COOL MUSCLE WASH AT $18.00 and GET THE SECOND ONE 1/2 OFF! STOCK UP… Get Two bottles for $27.00

What is Cool Muscle Wash anyway?  I wondered that, too.

My horses are just trail horses so they don’t really work that hard to need a muscle wash…  So I asked Equi-Spa why I should use it and she wrote back to me saying that it is a great way to cool yourself and your horse down after a ride.

Really?  OK, I’ll try it.

So, I did.

Click to take advantage of the Dog Daze Special!

It was 95+ today.  I poured a little into my wash bucket and added water.  It smelled great!  Finn wanted to drink it.  Anyway, I got it on my sponge and it rolled down my arm.  Usually I hate that.  But today, it felt really good!  So, I took the sponge and applied it to my neck.

Ahhhhhh.  OMG.  I was really surprised that this worked so well so fast!

Finn was a bit miffed so I used the rest on him.  (Having him cooled down in this way made me feel less guilty about putting him in the trailer for the ride home.)

So, I think it does work in several ways, not just the intended use of a muscle aid.

Here is what the Equi-Spa website says about the Cool Muscle Wash:

Did you know that  it is also a fabulous all over cooling body brace in hot weather?  Yes!  You just add a couple of ounces to a bucket of cool water and sponge on.  Helps the horse stop sweating and lowers the body temp faster.  I use it on my shoulders when I get sunburned.  Takes the burn out!  The botanical extracts and essential oils in Cool Muscle Wash  soothe and cool  inflammed muscles and joints after a ride on a hot summer day right out of the bottle too.   Just spray on and brush in.

•    I use it before a ride sprayed on large muscles to enhance and allow for more range of motion.
•    It also works well with Peppermint summer Protection to keep the flies and mosquitoes away while you ride.
•    Some massage therapists who use this on their human clients to help relieve and relax pain and inflammation .
•    shortens cool down time used after a work out
•    Minty fresh aroma
•    Safe and non toxic botanical ingredients including Witch Hazel, known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for centuries

If you’d like to order it, you can click here!  There is a lot of wonderful stuff on her website.  I love the Peppermint Summer Protection Spray (fly spray that I use on myself…) and THE BALM (cannot say enough about this – I use it on everything practically).

Here is my stash of Equi-Spa products. I use these ALL THE TIME.

Also, I should mention that I put the Equi-Spa Show Thyme drops into Norma’s grazing muzzle.   It helps her.  She also likes me to use the Equi-Spa Lavender Cleansing Spray in there, too.  For some reason, she prefers the fragrances of the Show Thyme and the Lavender instead of the nasty plasticy rubber muzzle.  Go figure!

If I have to wear this thing, it better smell good!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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