A NEW, HORRIFIC ‘BETTING GAME’ that may have been at the root of Xena’s attack…

Xena the Fighter was one of our Bucket Fund recipient’s last month.  Although the photos are graphic and her wounds were very severe, the mare is recovering.

(Her story is linked here.)

Xena’s rescuers and the veterinarians knew she was attacked … but by WHAT?  How?  What happened to this mare?

A mystery…

Most thought that Xena must have been attacked by a roaming pack of dogs – or something like that.


Last week, I received this email from a reader in Southern CA – (close to where Xena was found):

“Our (sic) underground horsemen in SoCal alerted me that there’s a new gang betting activity. It’s gone from pitting fighting dogs against one another to now dog pack versus horse. It’s all about the money. And it’s an old Roman game activity. Prey vs predator. Betting.”

So, let’s all be aware of this new and disgusting game.  If we are aware of it, maybe we can stop it before it grows.

Spread the word.

Xena could have been the victim of a new betting game - instead of cock fighting or dog fighting, they are now training packs of dogs against horse.  Disgusting.  Watch for it and spread the word.

Xena could have been the victim of a new betting game – instead of cock fighting or dog fighting, they are now training packs of dogs against horse. Disgusting. Watch for it and spread the word.

Click for Mama Tess' Surgery Fund.

Click for Mama Tess’ Surgery Fund.

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  1. janey Benk

    Oh my gosh! This is so sad!!!! Perhaps we humans are the beats, argh! How could anyone think of such horrid things!!! – The heart yells, throw those packs of evil, heartless, cruel “gangs” and spectators in the coliseum and let lots of hungry lions devour them; all in the name of the game, right! After all, isn’t it excitement and blood money what they seek.
    However, that would make us just like them and one would hope that the mind would reminds us that we are capable of mercy and grace AND justice. I’m thankful that’s there are human beings strong enough to post this and stand up the weak. Thank you for making us aware of these selfish, “stupid”, evil acts of cruelty. Perhaps we will all have the courage to say, No way!

  2. Terri

    It always amazes me how mean, evil and twisted some people are. This is beyond inhumane–it’s sickening, brutal, salvage and just PURE EVIL! If a person was behind this act, some serious prosecution, prison and fines needs to be imposed. If it WAS a hungry cougar, which I doubt, then it was predator versus prey. I don’t like it any better, but it was for food and survival NOT for Sport and Fun that MAN seems to do and get by with! If I seen this happening, I would be in prison for murder. I would shoot everyone one of those SOB’s.

  3. Stephanie

    Don’t blame the dogs. Most likely the dogs were starved and probably just as abused as the horse. Anyone that would allow this to happen to this horse has no heart and isn’t raising gentle loving pit bulls. Trust me, those dogs are just as tortured as the horse was, just probably on a more daily basis. I have 2 horses, 3 pit bulls, and 2 rott/pit mixes. All are lovely, and all get along. When raised in a loving home, having discipline & love/affection & food that is necessary for dogs to thrive pit bulls make amazing, loving companions. What happened to this horse is tragic, but blaming the dogs isn’t the answer. They most likely had food withheld for days, if not weeks. They most likely acted like any predatory animal would behave when starving. No different then a tiger taking down a zebra for food. When humans withhold food from a dog, that dog will revert back to his natural instinct to hunt and find food where ever it is available. Please don’t take this as another reason to blame pit bulls. They really don’t want to fight each other or any other animal. They simply revert back to their natural instincts, the same as any breed of dog will do, when they are being forcefully starved and tortured. Blame the human, not the animal. Everyone is so quick to place the blame on our pets, but the human is the one raising that pet. Blame them for failing to provide a loving, nurturing home.

  4. Savannah Ferkins

    This is horrible, this is the reason why I’m going into veterinarian medicine, to help those who have no voice, to put my mind and degree to use, to make a difference and teach the ones who have the ability to make a difference for this world (humans) WHY it is their duty to do so.

  5. Penny Bolt

    Just sick. Goes hand in hand with the horse slaughtering happening to private horses in South Florida for the meat!

  6. Robin J

    If you’re going to put out a warning, pray tell us where this happened. I don’t spread warnings when the info can’t be verified as to time and place.

  7. William

    This is sickening, if the speculation is true. The exact same thing happened to two of my calves and a dog by wolves and the public thinks its perfectly fine. I see no difference. The government says it’s o.k. for wolves to do this to your livestock and pets with no compensation and you can not defend them. Torture and mutilation is wrong no matter what animal does it.

  8. Susan Henke

    I have had enough of this violence and cruelty against animals. I want these bastards out of our country NOW whoever they are!!! And put a damn barrier on the border and stop jerking us around!!!

  9. 1horselover

    My heart goes out to Xena and any other animal subjected to this cruelty. Someone please catch the perpatrators.

  10. william

    I pray those types of people would try that with me, rest assured they will receive a face load of win. 308

  11. Jackie Bartone

    How demented are these people who think of these horrific tragic acts. They should be strung up and left to die!!

  12. James Hatchew

    Pin the dogs against the owners… let their owners fight for their lives… whats good for the goose is good for the gander… this makes me sick!!!

  13. Linda Lethin

    The penalty for animal abuse is not stiff enough. The creeps that are doing this to all of the animals involved, get off with a slap. Give them 20 years, no probation and I think they wouldn’t be so quick to do this stuff. Personally, I would like to see a much worse treatment of them, but my ideas won’t fly!

  14. Farrell Balentine

    This happened to my 29 year old gelding. We were able to have the dogs removed from the owners(with a lot of help from the community and documentation that it was not a first offense) and a court order to be destroyed. The owners homeowners insurance paid full restitution. Still did not make up for the two Pits and horse that had to be destroyed. Sense found out that the owners started out using the dogs to destroy pigs for cook outs. I don’t know how we are to fix this problem other than be vigilant in checking in on put livestock on a regular basis and to support the community and our neighbors when this happens. We need tougher laws for animal abusers.

  15. Cindy

    Like it was said above. It is not the Pit bull dogs, it’s the stupid people. Some of the nicest dogs I know are pits and some of the meanest are toy poodles. We need to find these “people” and they need to be hung. But our revolving door on our justice system will have them out in no time and they will be doing it again.

  16. Barbara

    Man’s inhumanity to animals is gross. I hope the insane idiots responsible are arrested and put in jail!!!

  17. BLR

    Pit bulls are no more the problem than were dobermans, rotweillers, or (insert breed) throughout the years! The problem is PEOPLE!! The elimination of any breed will NOT solve this problem as it will be immediately replaced with another breed of dog. What…you want to eliminate the breeds one by one until dogs are gone forever? The most violent dog I ever encountered was a cocker spaniel. Does that mean cocker spaniels should be eliminated from the earth? No! What we need to eliminate is the violent mindset that encourages this behavior, and this mindset is NOT in the dog, but in the minds of sick individuals that consider this activity to be some sort of ‘sporting/betting’ event instead of the absolute cruelty it actually is.

  18. Lorraine

    I’m as equally disgusted at the fact that anyone would do this to such beautiful animals or that someone as absurd as “Mango” blatantly says “common…of the Mexicans”. SMH, SMH

  19. Jane Rawlings

    It’s time that all people who love other, normal animals start to demand that our politicians ban the pit bull type dogs — all of them. They may not be the only dogs that ever savage livestock (and other animals) this way, but they are the only dogs that were specifically created to savage livestock.

    The pit bull dog lobby is right now claiming to be ‘animal advocacy’ and to speak for all animals when it says pit bulls musn’t be banned or limited in any way. Really and truly, the rest of us — the ones who do really advocate for animals — need to stand up and reclaim what love of animals is really about. It’s NOT about keeping or defending the type of dog that does this to hundreds of animals every day of the year.


    When and if they ever catch them the punishment should be man slaughter or second degree murder and serve all tine with no parole.

  21. Lyndsey

    Screw the legalities, tell me where and I’ll bring enough people and guns these sucks will learn what pray feels like right before it gets shot dead

  22. Dawn

    I think we should all go to the area and conduct our own investigation, pass out flyers and let them know we are on to them and are ready and prepared to protect the innocent!

  23. Dawn

    I think we should all show up to the area and do our own investigation, post flyers, etc. Let them know we are out there and out to protect the innocent!

  24. Mango

    This is common of the sporting games of the Mexicans. Anyone who has been to a Mexican rodeo event knows how viciously they treat their animals. This must be dealt with swiftly. Horsemen of California and other border states should contact their legislators and get the ball rolling.

  25. Allen bak

    Its so sad when people buy animals for there reasons. They rely on humans. I say turn a pack of wild dogs loose on them and see how it feels to be treated like shit. Whats even more amazing is when abused animals recover and aren’t jilted towards humans

  26. Russ hall

    The best solution other than catching the jerks and putting a rope around their legs and allowing the horse to give them a tow while we all make bets on how long they will last. :-)

    Is to keep a donkey with your horses. They will take on dogs, coyotes and wolves and protect the horses.

  27. Desie Mendenhall

    My family lost our beloved dog Sassy because she was taken from our yard and used as a bait dog and nothing was done about it by our law enforcement (we lived in Nevada). Now they are using poor defenseless horses. What truly scares me now is what or who they will target next when they become bored with this atrocity…preschoolers??? We need to have and enforce stricter laws against the people who find this amusing and the people who put these fights on. Until we do, this kind of thing will continue to happen and will get worse.

  28. leo pando

    Those responsible for these crimes have clearly lost their humanity. I hope they will pay, if not in this world perhaps in the next.

  29. Daryl

    This is not a game, better get a law for these ass holes who think it is funny, would they if they were the one being torn apart the bate the one the dogs were set a pond. What is wrong with these so called people ? Are you that board, animals have feelings they hurt too, they just don’t scream like humans, have rants with words. You things are sick.

  30. Arlie D Wood

    Death penalty or life on a chain gang seems the only appropriate punishment.

  31. Gigi

    The Lord destroyed this world before. I wonder what he thinks of the atrocities he sees today. These people who abuse animals, children and the elderly will face torment like no other. I’m tired of seeing what so called humans do to animals children and elderly and servicemen and women.

  32. Norm Brown

    Time to exercise our second amendment rights. Try that with my horses see how that goes for em!!!
    Clearly animals pitting animals against animals. Any person with this mentality needs to be euthanized!

  33. Bob Zornes

    Lynn you took the words right out of my mouth. Just make sure there are no prisoners.

  34. Lynn Otoole

    These gangs need to understand that people will aggressivley protect their livestock. This gang may not have much longevity.

  35. Kathy Hansbrough

    It is time for this kind of activity to be on the 6:00 PM news. It’s not to graphic for kids they are the ones who go on to do this kind of thing.

  36. Claudia

    Using ‘culture’ as an excuse to abuse and torture animals is ignorant. If someone says abusing and torturing animals is culture, then they need to wake up and join the 21st Century because this kind of treatment of animals is not acceptable and if someone doesn’t know it, then it’s time they learn by our Police and state enforcing the laws to stop it. Some kids do these things because no one is stopping them and because they have nothing better to do. Pretty sad when kids want to harm an innocent because they are bored or looking for some kind of recognition? We need better and stronger teachers in our schools, fewer administrators, and we need to concentrate on real teaching, like learning critical thinking, math and science…subjects that scare kids but, which just require talented and knowledgeable teachers teaching these subjects. These subjects, taught by strong and excellent teachers, will get these kids great jobs in New Mexico or anywhere. If kids, or whoever, prompted this cruel thing to happen, they should be punished. But, they aren’t stupid…they are callous, angry and bored…a dangerous combination. Strong, highly qualified teachers, well-paid, and great schools that are protected, can mold their energy and talents so they can be successful in life, which they want to be. I hope whoever did this to this poor sweet horse realizes what they did is very wrong. I also hope our Attorney General, Gary King, is voted in as our next Governor as I know he will work hard to bring good jobs for our people here in New Mexico, and improve our schools for our kids so they can get the education, and learn the discipline they need that will truly prepare them for successful lives. Isn’t that what we all want?

  37. Fran

    Sometimes I think we humans are aliens who colonized Planet Earth – we are so destructive and so at odds with the natural world. I can hardly believe that poor mare survived, she must have been in such terrible pain. And why have the owners, who clearly fed and shod her, not come forward? Were they involved….?

  38. Karl Harry Rosenberg

    Frankly, and truthfully, not all humans are so deprived, it is, or are the human garbage, and waste of skin that unfortunately permeates humankind. Hopefully the police respond before I come across the individuals. Whether gang, group, or individual, i assure you, i need not a gun to educate such individuals. They will be summarly trained to respect all life!

  39. Helen Bottoms

    Catch the perverts that would do something like this, put them in a small confined space and let the dogs in. See how they like the outcome of their new game. Then rescue the dogs that are being abused also. What makes a person have such a disturbed mind?

  40. Alexis Madison

    The biggest problem of all is that law enforcement and the judicial system just do not care enough to enforce the few laws against animal cruelty that are on the books (and legislators aren’t much interested in making tougher laws either because the ag lobby is determined to circumvent new legislation to protect animals, esp. in California. You know. That same lobby which is fabulously wealthy and all too willing to fund their pet legislators’ campaign treasuries to make sure tougher anti-cruelty laws don’t get out of committee. And law enforcement’s too-frequent excuse? “Animal fighting is cultural.” In other words, hands off those activities lest law enforcement be accused of not being PC. We see that ALL the time up here in Oregon. The laws are there – the laws are not enforced – law enforcement and the authorities from the DA on up turn a blind eye to animal cruelty especially the particularly violent kind, because for a certain segment of the population, that segment which indulges in violent “betting games”, it’s “cultural”.

  41. Jade

    7:16AM PST on Feb 4, 2014

    Good grief! Another day of being ashamed to be human! I want to KNOW where this is coming from in “children” (beyond what they learn by watching adults in action!)! Is it in the water we have polluted? Is it lack of education or just too much time on their hands so they look for thrills? These are people’s grandchildren – what the hell is going on out there?! Are they watching and reading about the slaughter of cats, dogs, horses, rhinos, ad naseum and being taught that “hey, they’re JUST animals!” or what?

  42. Ritambhara Tyson

    I hope they find the gang and lock them up and throw away the key! Sometimes I am so ashamed to be a part of this human condition.

  43. Bruce

    Maybe we should do the ‘betting game’ on the culprits if they be caught

  44. Missy Snell

    Yep – that’s what I thought. Obviously the horse wasn’t wandering around and got “partially” attacked. Looked like the kinds of wounds you see with dog fights. Now we have a new thing to deal with. Great.

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