DO YOU WANT A MINDFUL CONNECTION (with your horse)? Who doesn’t?! FREE WEBINAR! Check it out! TONIGHT! 7PM EDT

I saw this in my mailbox and I thought I should pass it onward.

    Let The Magic Begin – Mindful Connections
                     FREE Webinar  – June 15, 2016 @  7pm (click to sign up!)

I do not know Nicole personally, but I have watched her website, Mindful Connections, grow, I have read her delightful book “Pet Logic” (and Nicole has donated a few copies for our Bucket Fund – thank you) and I’ve participated in one of her courses.

The concept behind all of Nicole’s work is a ‘mindful connection’ with your horse (or any other animal).  …Being aware of your thought process while with your horse and how to connect more deeply so that you both benefit.

The webinar Nicole is offering TONIGHT is FREE so you have nothing to lose, only to gain!  If this idea of a mindful connection with your horse resonates with you, go for it!

Click here to go to the website to learn more and sign up!  (no affiliation).

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