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All of you email subscribers cannot see my sidebar, which is a sad thing because in that sidebar is a link to a Special Offer by the people who make the incredible THE BALM.  (This is the stuff I used on my eye.  My Doctor couldn’t believe how well my eye healed!)  I also used it last summer on BG when the flies were eating at her belly wound.

Anyway, EquiSpa is having a “special” on their Cool Muscle Wash Spray and Cool Muscle Gel.  And, if you buy the special, you get a sample of THE BALM!   Actually, you can probably purchase any item from the EquiSpa site and tell them that you would like a sample of THE BALM and they would give you a sample of The Balm.  Or, just buy THE BALM and get a sample of THE BALM as a little ditty for your grooming bag or trailer!

I really love the Peppermint Summer Protection spray as well (fly spray)!  Everything they make is homeopathic.

Here is the write-up about the Spring EquiSpa Special:

Click for the Spring Special and sample of THE BALM!

Spring Warm Up EQUISPA


(Also included is a tester of THE BALM!)

Getting ready for Spring Show Season can be stressful to muscles and joints of horses who have enjoyed a long winter vacation. This can cause discomfort for both horse and rider. Cool Muscle Wash Spray is highly praised as an excellent all over body brace before and after a ride. Helps relax and relieve tight muscles and stiff joints. I use it to stretch out my horse before a work out or showing for maximum full motion and fluid movement. Cool Muscle Gel has the same fragrant and refreshing ingredients as Cool Muscle Wash Spray, blended in to a base of organic Aloe Vera Gel. I use it for spot massage and for local topical pain relief.


I love this stuff! It is a big jar and only $14! Click to read about/order it


Click here if you’d for the Spring Special.  Or, click here for any other product info.  Or click her for the fly spray ($22) or THE BALM ($14)!

I love these products!  And, my eye loves the Balm!



1)  The first one is about a deer and a dog.  It is short and edited well.  Click on the image below.

Click image to watch a sweet video about a deer and a dog!


2)  This video was really sweet to watch.  This little girl has been training and loving this wonderful pony for 7 years.  It shows… What a lovely bond.


She trained him the only way she knew how... through love and play! Click the image to watch


3)  This third video is amazing and kinda sad in a good way.  This man raised a gorilla and then released him 5 years previously.  In this video, he documents going back and trying to find his buddy – who is now a huge gorilla!


Click here to watch this bittersweet and incredible story!



1)  Gonna Bash! Hood Warning System: This handy device would attach gently to your visor, brimmed hat or hoodie and alert you when you are about to bash into a branch or any other object which is obscured by the visor, brimmed hat or hoodie.

Whenever I wear a visor or bearded hoodie (the kind with eskimo fluff), I always smack into something low hanging.

If I could see through the visor or hoodie, I’d be fine.  But, since I cannot, they either need to invent the transparent visor or hoodie – or come up with the warning device.  Gawd knows I cannot walk around here by myself and not whack my ‘protected’ head.  Sheesh.  I may be keeping off rain but I’m slamming into objects!

2)  The “I’m happy with my own,  thank you very much” Equine Sprinkle Dust:  This product is very easy to administer and it will last for 30 minutes.  All you have to do is flick some in the direction of your equine and for half of an hour, your horse will not be interested in anyone else’s food.

I am so tired of trying to administer special supplements to individuals in my herd, only to have the higher ups take it away from them.  I knowIknow, I should separate them.  But, that takes time and space.  I’d much rather just sprinkle some fairy dust and take the desire away.

Actually,  if they made it for Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, I’d take some myself!


Donate $10 or more and I'll send you one of these ballcaps that have exactly the right slope to the visor part!






Red is getting better but he still has very loose stools.  Tucker is no worse but no better either.  His bloodwork is not good so he is being continuously treated.  The mini-mare, Glory, has not foaled yet.  This is good since every day helps her gain strength.  To donate, click here.

If anyone donates $10 or more, I have these really nice (well constructed) OMEGA ALPHA ballcaps!  Just pick a color and I’ll send you one.  I have 9.  Navy, pink, black, royal and powder blue.  Omega Alpha is the company with all the wonderful herbal supplements including ANTI-FLAM which I love!

Not a pretty picture. Red and his looseness…


Don’t forget to Order your EquiSpa Special (or any wonderful product) and get a free sample of The Balm! Just tell them I said you’d get some free Balm!


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March Drop in the Bucket Fund:  THE JUNKYARD 4.
These 4 sad horses were found in miserable condition, 2 pregnant, all starved – yet owned by a hay broker!  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate towards the care of The Junkyard 4, please click on the photo (photo credit, Trish Lowe)

Please help our sick Tucker and Red...


HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Tracie

    WOW – and here I thought I was the only one who continually bashes her head whilst wearing a ball cap or hooded garment! I have done that SO many times… just recently, I nearly knocked myself out on the car door frame because I had on my hooded raincoat. Felt wonderful. My husband thinks I am just a stoopid klutz because he wears ball caps practically every day and NEVER hits his head. Maybe his eyes rotate upwards more, or he has a better “sixth sense” about impending doom to the cranium? :-) Whatever, I am in full agreement of needing a warning device. Garbage trucks can sense when they’re backing up, so why not some kind of laser gadget for a bill???

    Hope the poor sick babies both recuperate soon. I think SarahKate is right, sounds like salmonella to me. I’m sure the rescue is doing all they can to save them. As for their former owner, s/he should be made to drink out of that “pond” THEMSELF!

  2. Sarahkate

    Assuming Red is a mini? With that “splat” going on it is possible there is some hepatic issues specifically lipidosis – not all vets know about this problem with miniature horses and mini donkeys and it is potentially fatal (I should say, sadly, usually not just potentially). The other thing it puts me in mind of is acute salmonella poisoning which IS usually from contaminated water. I sure hope their vet is looking at this possibility, it is easy to diagnose with a lab sample of the diarrhea, but it is not easy to treat nor always successful, either. I hope one day we will read about the former owner of these horses doing significant time in the slammer for this terrible crime.

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