UPDATE ON THE MORGAN HILL 50… ERC was only able to secure 10 of the very worst… But tonight, THEY ARE SAFE!

I am very upset right now.  Although I’m not surprised.  People that are cruel to animals can be cruel to humans, too.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not upset with the rescue procedure from yesterday with the Morgan Hill 50… Equine Rescue Center did the very best they could while negotiating with a very bad man.

You see, when ERC arrived at the Morgan Hill location to rescue as many of the Morgan Hill 50 as possible, the owner changed the game and upped the prices – even on the most sick and dying horses.

Monica from ERC felt compelled to get the most sick and dying horses out of there – and he made her pay.  (Heartless jerk.)

At these ransom prices, Equine Rescue Center could only afford to rescue 10 of the Morgan Hill 50.

She bought the worst-off 10 horses:  2 are mostly blind, 1 is pregnant/emaciated/nursing, 1 is a baby whose umbilical cord was tied off with a rubber band and safety pins.  (The previous owner said his vet told him to do this… ) The others are sicky and emaciated.

And, sadly, one passed (with dignity) this morning.  A young bay colt was in colic at Morgan Hill as Monica was negotiating with the previous owner, who stepped over the colt – not caring at all.  Monica bought this horse for an insane amount of money and through sheer will got him home, made him comfortable and did her best to show him love.   He passed this morning.  This little colt had no food in his belly and was full of worms.  If you have the desire and wish to see for yourself, here is the link with (graphic) photos.

Heartless Heartless Heartless Jerk.  All the previous owner saw were dollar signs.  This is a business for him.  Take in sick horses, don’t feed them and then sell them for high dollar to Rescues.

That really pisses me off.  I sure hope Karma nabs his heartless self ASAP!

This photo got to all of us.  (Yes, he was rescued!  See below!)

This photo got to all of us. (Yes, he was rescued! See below!)


The good news is that 9 horses have found serenity, dignity and food.  They have landed well.  All were treated by vets today and put on a plan according to their particular issues.  All are on a re-feeding program.

We cannot lose sight of the goal.  The goal is to help the horses.  And we did.  Many people helped.

Let’s remember, we were all very upset with the photos of the emaciated mare who was pregnant with a nursing Palomino baby at her side.  Monica was able to purchase that mare and her foal.  It was this baby who had the umbilicus tied off so barbarically.

Monica also bought the very skinny chestnut with the blaze who reached out to her in that memorable shot above.

She also bought a totally blind Paint Gelding.

We all know what would have happened to these 10 horses if they weren’t purchased by ERC.

Here are the pics of their first day in their new life:


Here they are on their first day. The Paint is mostly blind. So is the Grey Appy.


Nice, fresh hay. A little at a time. The emaciated Mom is in the background.


Here is the Palomino baby who had the umbilicus tied off with a rubber band and safety pins.


I don’t know the name of the white horse. The chestnut is the emaciated one who reached out over the fence in the photo above.


This is the poor colt who didn’t make it. He was in colic at Morgan Hill so Monica desperately bought him for a ridiculous price so that he could die in dignity. The autopsy revealed absolutely nothing in his stomach except massive worms. Documented.


They loaded easily to get out of their hell.


Vet check this afternoon.  This is the same gelding from above.



I don’t know the full story because I was not there.

But, it appears that this bad man is known to Santa Clara County Animal Control and they find him in compliance.  How?  I don’t know… I’m sure ERC will give all this new documentation to the powers that be.

Here is a link to just one of the many news stories regarding the Morgan Hill 50... yet no government body is doing anything.

Hmmmm. Reminds me of the Black Forest horses last week – the ones in Colorado who had to live amongst rotten equine carcasses because they weren’t in “imminent danger”.  After an outcry, the horses were removed.


The horses were neglected and rescued from:  791 Maple Ave Morgan Hill, CA

ERC contact info  (The Rescue who has the surviving 9 horses of the 10 rescued): 
(831) 840-1412


Santa Clara County – Morgan Hill Supervisor
Supervisor Mike Wasserman – District 1
70 West Hedding Street, 10th Floor
San Jose, CA 95110
Get Directions
Phone: 408-299-5010
Email: mike.wasserman@bos.sccgov.org
As the elected representative for Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and parts of San Jose, I am here to serve you. Please visit my website often at www.supervisorwasserman.org and sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office (the offending residence is outside city limits so call the Sheriff)

Santa Clara County Office of the Sheriff, Laurie Smith, Sheriff
Office of the Sheriff
55 West Younger Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
Get Directions
Phone: (800) 211-2220 (Toll Free)
Phone: (408) 808-4400
Fax: (408) 294-2467
Email: so.website@sheriff.sccgov.org


DISTRICT ATTORNEY – (408) 299-3099,  District attorney. http://www.sccgov.org/sites/da/Pages/contactus.aspx



They didn’t die – but they did get to go to Heaven! Thank you, ERC!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    HI: If you can believe it, there are several news stories. I cited one in the update. That’s why we need outcry because the AC told the news that the guy is in complete
    compliance. It is like the Black Forest Horses in Colorado…the sheriff is still defending what he had to do because of the laws. Who knows what will
    work or change this awful system (in some Counties) but if we bang the drum in whatever way works for each individual, they will hear.

  2. met

    I live north of Seattle. There are many times when things like this happen (horse neglect, etc.) that both the TV stations and the local newspapers pick up the story and run with it. Why is this not happening here? It would do far more good than any number of emails or calls to Animal Control.

  3. Michelle Trumpler

    A huge thanks to horse and man and all of the supporters. Although we were not able to rescue all of the horses yet. we did the best we could given many challenging circumstances. We realize that although some might not understand or agree with our negotiations, when you are in that situation you do what you think is needed because this Morgan Hill 50 is long term. It is not over. We need your help and could not be more thankful for your support . We will not give up and WE will make changes.

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