The good news is that the outcry over Dual Peppy and the other horses left to live among 12 carcasses in Black Forest, Colorado, fueled this fire.

In case you missed it, the Black Forest horses were found living amongst 12 disgustingly deteriorated horse carcasses yet Animal Control said they were not in imminent danger… WELL, the public outcry was immense and pointed.  Lo and Behold, last night, all the living horses were removed from that hell hole.

Fast forward to earlier this week.  50 horses were found in various stages of starvation in an open field in Morgan Hill, CA.  People were outraged because Animal Control was not able to do anything due to the local Santa Clara County laws.

BUT, thanks to the good work at ERC (Equine Rescue Center), sailing on the waves of the outcry for the Black Forest horses, these 50 Morgan Hill horses are being rescued TODAYright now!


This is the hand of a rescuer, before they knew if they would be able to help these horses… Could you imagine seeing this and not being able to do anything?!!


There are 50 mal nourished and starving horses here! Babies and youngsters, too, who hopefully will not be stunted.


If you have any ability to foster and live in the area of Morgan Hill, CA, please contact Monica at ERC:

Phone (831) 840-1412
This is a pregnant mare, who is nursing a baby - and they think she might be blind as well...  She is extremely thin.

This is a pregnant mare, who is nursing a baby – and they think she might be blind as well… She is extremely thin.


I’m sure you understand the massive undertaking to find space, veterinary care, transport, food, shelter and re-feeding pens for 50 horses!

Our dollars will translate into whatever they need to get the job done.

Monica can save these horses if she has financial support.  So, let’s say we help her with $250 per horse.  That is hay and supplement for 6 weeks per horse (hay in CA is $22/bale).  This doesn’t take into account transport, housing, vet care…  this is just a drop per horse, but it will make a huge difference.


LOOK AT THIS POOR YOUNGSTER!!  The skinny, nursing (probably blind) pregnant mare is in the background.  Sheesh.


Ugh.  Absolutely no food.  The owner threw out straw and corn stems – when he did that, the outcry was even louder… and he surrendered the horses.


This is not the largest Bucket Fund we’ve ever run, but almost…  We can get there!  And any amount in between is gratefully accepted, for sure!  Every little bit of pocket change, leftover Ebay dollars or Starbucks money will to help these starving horses!

The Cavalry is on the Way!

If you receive this post via email, donate here!ALSO, ANY PROCEEDS FROM JEWELRY PURCHASED THROUGH JWP WILL GO TOWARDS THESE HORSES!  I will be adding new pieces daily to keep it fresh so keep checking back!  JWP FB linked here.

CLICK IMAGE to see new pieces daily!  All jewelry will benefit the Bucket Fund!  Click here!

CLICK IMAGE to see new pieces daily! All jewelry will benefit the Bucket Fund! Click here!

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  1. Dawn Ellen

    I have worked around horses for 31 years and owned numerous. I have property in Sonoma County and would love to adopt one of these beautiful animals. I currently have a paint mare (15) that would love companionship and i can quite easily take another in. Please let me know if interested. I would love to help!

  2. dawndi Post author

    Hi Lynn: I am the blogger but I will tell ERC about this opportunity. Thank you for caring!

  3. Lynn weinstein

    Taste of Morgan Hill is this weekend is there someway that you could put up a stand and collect some donations there seems like it would be a very good way to go

  4. Nicole Heneghan

    To Everyone that has stepped up to help these beautiful horses… Thank you!!! These animals are gifts from god and how dare these people abuse them. I have been a horse owner for 26 years and have been around horses for 40 years. If I can help in any way, I am completely committed! I live in San Jose and in my horses honor, I promised to help the ones on need. Please call me if I can physically help in any way. My # 408-425-7454. Please let me help!

  5. dawndi Post author

    Hi Joyce: This is real. You don’t have to donate if you feel uncomfortable. But, I stand in integrity. The Bucket Fund has run
    monthly for almost 5 years now. Here is the FB page for ERC who handled the rescue last night…you can see the photos from the rescue of
    10 of the horses. One didn’t make it.

  6. Joyce Dionne…something is wrong here. I have seen men put in jail for animal abuse.. Is this for real or is someone out to collect money.?

  7. dawndi Post author

    Cristi: Thank you for pointing out the errors. They have been corrected. I had not noticed my errors and no one else had told me.
    Here are the people to contact in Santa Clara County:
    Address of incident: 791 Maple Ave Morgan Hill
    Supervisor Mike Wasserman – District 1
    70 West Hedding Street, 10th Floor
    San Jose, CA 95110
    Get Directions
    Phone: 408-299-5010
    As the elected representative for Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and parts of San Jose, I am here to serve you.

  8. Joyce Dionne

    When I lived in Florida I took care of a starved horse. It took so long to help this mare get back on her feet. The best of everything. She ended up having a beautiful foal. I live in the city now but still have friends who have facilities, I think, available. I will certainly inquire and pass along your information. Kudos. Much love.

  9. cristi

    The are problems with this campaign. Consistently transpose EAR instead of ERC. Also Santa Cruz County Laws don’t govern Santa Clara County. Interested in helping but facts of this seem inaccurate.

  10. dawndi Post author

    I am posting an update with all the proper names and numbers. I think the issue is that Animal Control is letting this happen – they are believing
    what the owner is saying…

  11. Kay

    I don’t understand the contention that there will be no enforcement by Santa Cruz county. Morgan Hill is in Santa Clara County! Maybe the correct county should be contacted.

  12. dawndi Post author

    Yes, I know. I am writing the update now for tomorrow. The hope was to save all 50 but the prices escalated once ERC arrived. I understand that many have been moved by
    the owner and that only 6 are on the Morgan Hill property right now. Yes, I know that Justice passed.

  13. Micki

    All of the horses have been rescued by ERC but there were not 50!! There were 10 and unfortunately one of them died this morning of starvation!

  14. Karen

    Just a quick update on the horses in Morgan Hill – 10 horses were rescued from the property and 3 others were bought by someone. One of the 10 horses has died he died of starvation and worms. There was no food found in his stomach in the autopsy. There are still 6 horses on the property but they appear to be in fairly good condition. There are more horses in Gilroy owned by this same person – they are being watched by many other people so that they can step in if necessary. The truly sad thing is that Animal Control believed the horses were being cared for and were really given false information by the owner. I have heard that there are more horses in Patterson owned by the same person. Unfortunately the owner has no real incentive to stop what he is doing – after all people paid him lots of money to take away the sick and starving horses. The authorities would do nothing.

  15. dawndi Post author

    I’m sorry. I hate losing a pet… Horses eat way more than gpigs, so maybe a nice healing thing would be to take your timothy hay
    to a gpig rescue – and maybe find a new pet… Thank you for your thoughts!

  16. Sabrina Kilmer

    My guinea pig passed last night and just bought 48 ounces of timothy (I know that’s nothing for a horse but it’s something) they eat timothy hay?

  17. dawndi Post author

    I sent to her your message and contact info… She is up to her ears in sick horses right now so I have no idea when/if she will reply. THANK YOU!

  18. Gina Perrin

    Dawn This is Gina with Heavenly Horse Haven We are pretty full but I have a nice corral open for one of these poor horses if someone can get it here it will get all the attention and love that it needs.

  19. Dawn

    It sure looks like the horse in the first picture has tears running down
    Her face.
    So sad…….let’s all help.

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