Spirit’s BUCKET FUND receipt and her UPDATE!


You wonderful Horse and Man donators made a $2810 Fund for our July Bucket Fund Mare, Spirit!

Bravo and thank you for all the good will, prayers and thoughts!

The good news is that Spirit is healing nicely!  She can make her way around the barn and doesn’t have any spookiness or fear.  She has gained weight, the bone in her chest is no longer exposed and the skin is growing back.  Her legs are healing, her tail is not itchy and the cuts all over her face and neck are disappearing.  Spirit has a few friends at the barn and her demeanor is as sweet as sugar.

Spirit, skinny, blind and battered, upon arrival at BHFER.


She had deep cuts on the face, legs and on her chest from running in a large herd while blind.   All of her deep wounds were to the bone.

This girl got lucky!  From running, blind in a huge herd to bliss in a comfycozy barn and paddock… this young mare is happy!

The bad news is that the ultrasound of her eyes which was sent to a specialist revealed that there was nothing that could be done to regain any more sight for her.  Evidently having her go for so long untreated has resulted in very poor eyesight.  She can see slivers of light, but that is about it.

However, that seems to be enough for her to get around and be happy.  Since she was born with bad vision to begin with (one deformed eye), she probably doesn’t expect much from her vision.  And, she has adapted well.

This is a photo of the DR taking the ultrasound of her eyes and then the result. Sadly, the specialist said that no surgery would help her… But, she does see some light out of both eyes.

This was taken yesterday… Happy, healing and alert!


4 weeks of love, food, nurturing, medicine and attention… Nice!


Spirit is looking for a forever home.  She will need extra care, obviously.   BHFER would like her to stay within a short drive from them as Spirit had a horrible trailer ride previously and is not good in the trailer.

All of your funds have gone to Spirit’s care and veterinarian expenses.

Thank you!

Donation receipt to BHFER for Spirit!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Sue Adamson

    So glad to see her looking so much better, she so deserved a better existence than she was getting. I sent to Horse and Man blog too, not sure now how I ended up at the blog but glad I found it and the money went to Spirit. Best Wishes in all that you do. Sue

  2. Amy Jo

    Hi Dawn,

    Thank you for helping this amazing girl. I will never forget how we worked together to get that pretty bay sabino BLM mare off the feedlot in Washington and safe to you.

    Please ask the veterinary ophthalmologist if atropine will dilate Spirit’s pupils, allowing in more light back to her retina for sight. She will require a special mask – a Guardian Mask – which filters 99% of the UVA and UVB light. The eyes are amazing and while her other wounds are healing, you might be surprised the sight that she regains after the floaters and results of her head traumas have settled. Please do try the atropine and Guardian Mask. In fact, I have a Guardian Mask I can send you as you will probably remember that blind horses hold a special place in my heart; my father was a veterinary ophthalmologist and my best memories of him were our times together on horse calls.

    Thank you for everything you do, Dawn.

  3. Barbara Wood

    Thank you, Dawn, and thank you Beauty’s Haven. May your numbers in crease. So many horses need caring hands and funds to supply their needs. If I were only rich…..

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