UPDATES on Spirit, the Salt River Wild Horses FB page campaign and a visit from Gwen, “Can Dawnie come out and play?…”

In case you missed it, I was asked to help the Salt River Wild Horses with their campaign to become a Public Concern.  One way to measure public outcry and support for these horses is through their ‘likes’ on Facebook.

So, two days ago, we launched a campaign to get their likes from 2889 to 10,000.  We were given three weeks.

As I write this, the Salt River Wild Horses have 7134 Likes.  We just need 3000 more to help them establish themselves as worthy of larger support.


This is the herd whose stallion saved the filly in the river.  They are healthy, strong and have lived in Arizona’s Salt River for a very long time.  The Tonto National Forest wants to remove them – to a fate unknown.  To read their story, click here.

So, if you haven’t already, please click here to LIKE them on Facebook and FORWARD.

Chance the stallion of the herd and I THANK YOU.


Chance saving the filly from the current in the river.  This story made national news.  Click image to go to their FB page and like them!


Isn’t this a beautiful photo of the Salt River Wild horses at play?!…


Spirit is our Bucket Fund Mare for July.  She is young, blind and battered from running in a large herd.  BHFER took her in and tended her many wounds, taught her the way around the barn and helped this mare feel secure for the first time in probably – ever.

Next week, the DR will come out to check on her one eye that isn’t deformed.  They are hoping that there is a chance some of her sight could be restored.

In the short term, the mare is BLOOMING with all the love and attention.  She isn’t spooky or bolty or have any issues with being blind, other than being blind.  But since she was born that way, she has adjusted.  And, now with care, her teeth and feet tended to, good food, no competition and plenty of assurance, she has put on weight and relaxed.  Finally.

I will keep you updated on what the DR says about her eye.

Eating comfortably… Safe and becoming sound. Young Spirit is blooming under the care and love of BHFER! Next week, her eye will be tested to see if any sight could be restored.


Oh, this story almost makes me cry… except I know my mare and she is tough – but still, I feel awful.

So this weekend, Gwen will get a full brushing and I’ll hang with her.  Maybe we’ll go for a ride if it isn’t too hot.  But, I will make a point of doing whatever she wants to do…


During one of my too many conference calls this week (killer month for work…), I heard the distinct sound of hooves on patio pavement – an absolute NO-NO around here.  All the horses know that they are not allowed on the patio… this was a punishable offense.

Yet clearly there was a horse on the back patio.  Whoever was breaking the law, must have had a good reason… or they were being very, very bad.

— Suddenly, the hooves were sounding like they were dancing… I was so afraid the next sound I would hear would be breaking glass.


I was furiously looking for the ‘mute’ button as I flew downstairs to shoo away the equine invader before something awful happened.

As I made my decent, the hooves stopped.

Uh oh.

I pictured the calm before the storm… a huge crash of hooves against glass … a zillion thoughts running through my mind in that split second – all the while trying to keep up with the conversation happening on the other end of the line.

As I rounded the corner of the stairs I saw the ‘bad’ horse peering into the windows.  It was Gwen.


I flew down the steps to see what horse was dancing on the patio and knocking at the back door… it was Gwen.


She was standing there, very politely, looking in… Shiva the dog was very upset and coming to me to ‘fix it’.


Gwen spotted me moving towards her. She pricked her ears.


She looked at me hopefully, “Can you come out and play? It is grrrreat out here!”


I opened the door and she thrust her muzzle right into my face. “Hey Hey! Come out and play!!”


Me, being an ogre with too much work that has lost her sense of play and humor, yelled at her to “Get off the Patio right now!” You can see that she is taken aback.


She leaves immediately but not before getting after the ponies in a display of anger and frustration. I felt horrible about this episode. After my phone call, I went outside and told her that we would hang out this weekend…  I will keep that promise.  Yes, she was being bad, but not really


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Click to learn about blind and battered Spirit, our Bucket Fund Mare for July.




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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