A few weeks ago, I wrote about  9 TB broodmares, bred by a prominent breeding facility, who were rescued from a feedlot.

In the previous post, I mostly spoke about the man behind offering the donations to bail the ladies.

On this post, I’d like to speak about REMEMBER ME Rescue.  They took the 9 mares and within a short time, have almost all of them placed.


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What I particularly like about this story is the evaluations and work done with each horse at Remember Me.  If you look on the website for adoptable horses, the paragraph describing them is brief but gives you what you need to know succinctly.  I respect that.

And I like that with horses offered as ‘trail horses’ they put hours on…

We all have witnessed the wrecks that happen when horses adopted out at ‘trail horses’ – aren’t.

To me, it appears that REMEMBER ME is truly trying to develop and present the positive qualities of their charges but also honestly present their shortcomings so adoptions can be long lasting.  Nice.

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I was impressed to see that the Lucky 9 Broodmares have landed safely and most are already in their new homes – growing more pregnant each day!








If you’d like to donate to Remember Me Rescue, just click here.   They say $10 is a bale of hay (obviously they are not in California…) and every bit helps!

Happily Ever After…


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. NorthStar326

    Good for you Anne! May your love and generosity be returned to you 10-fold. Love, honor and charity are priceless character traits to possess!

  2. Barbara Gifford

    Good for you, Anne! I wonder how common it is for members of partnerships to step up when “their” race horse is retired and how many are aware of the ultimate fate of the horses.
    Linda, I, too, was thinking that I hope people are not adopting these mares for breeding even though they have wonderful bloodlines. I don’t know if this rescue has a no-breeding clause in their contract. That would be hard to enforce, in any case, and I guess the first thing is to just get a home for the horses.

  3. Lisa Norman

    I greatly appreciate your efforts to rehome these horses. Question: Why is Luxury of Time being returned to Golden Eagle Stable when they were the ones who failed her already and sent her to slaughter?

  4. Linda Dyer

    Nobody can even begin to thank the people who have such an open heart to give these horses homes. The expense of keeping a horse is not cheap but doable if you really want to give one a good dependable home. I manage a non profit TRF farm and commend people who are so wonderful to give them homes.
    America has a lot of homeless animals, people should think twice before breeding them unless every puppy, kitten, and horse are placed before they even arrive.
    We are working very hard to bring to light awareness of this problem and try harder to come up with ways to be able to take care of them. I really thank the breeders who take their horses back also.
    People who have never been around animals don’t even have a clue of the fact that they have personalities and feelings. It breaks your heart to see how they are treated after they have given all they have in them to the people that throw them away like yesterday’s trash.

  5. Anne

    I just rescued a TB that was in a partnership I was a member. He was in MI and the next stop was Canada. The people that had him, made sure my life savings would be hit hard. They left him in a 4000 dollar claiming race. I put up all but 1100 myself. I still owe the rescue 600 towards shipping and other expenses. It was not an easy rescue as the track where he was, has a gentleman’s agreement about claiming other trainer/owner’s horses. We finally found a trainer who would put in a claim. As I said, the trainer made sure I would suffer by leaving him in a 4000 dollar claiming race when he started at 2500. He had previously lost at the $4000 level.
    My point is, these rescues are not easy. The little man has to use their life savings towards saving these defenseless animals. This group was lucky enough that someone put up a considerable amount of money towards their rescue. I was amazed that a breeder adopted a horse they bred…the breeder of my boy, offered nothing. NOT even a note back. It truly is deplorable what the Asmussen’s have done. They should not be allowed to own or train horses.
    At this time, I sadly can not offer any money. I am in debt 3400 but there is a very happy boy out there living a life of leisure with his buddy Cool in Ohio. Doing what horses should be doing and that is, being a horse! That puts a smile on my face.

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