LEFT IN A TINY STALL FOR 3 YEARS: Meet Star – Our August Bucket Fund Mare: A pony who needs a prosthetic because her hooves grew into her ankles.

This kind of stuff is exactly why I set up the Bucket Fund – to right a wrong.  To help those horses who are helpless.  To make the humans good again.

But first let me tell you – this will be hard for you to read…

The abuses, although administered via simple ignorance, are huge.

Steel yourselves.  And remember, we can help her.

She has been saved and the wheels are already in motion to help her longterm.


I know that many of you are wondering why the attending vet didn’t just put her down.

The answer is that she had lived this way for 3 years…  why discover her and then put her down before giving her a chance?

She was up, eating, drinking … living her horrible life, one awful day at a time.

And then she was discovered and rescued.

No one could bear not giving her a chance.

So, it was decided that she would be treated, have Xrays, see a specialist or two and then have her fate decided.

Clearly, a few more ‘hopeful’ weeks would not be any worse than the last 3 years.

And then, miracle of miracles, she started to heal her surface wounds, her better ankle is snapping back into position and the Specialists think they can help her right ankle!

This is where we come in…

This is difficult to make out… but those are actually her hooves that had not been trimmed in three years – curved sideways and back to where they cut into her ankles.

This is Star’s face on the day of her discovery. Those are fly eggs all over her – she had maggots in her eyes and feet.



Hope Equine Rescue is a non-profit that is GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) verified.

Hope Equine Rescue (H.E.R) received a call in May about 8 ponies that needed assistance. The owners were elderly with medical issues and could no longer care for them. Like most of the horses that H.E.R. receives, they expected to see the ponies possibly underweight and probably needing to be brought up to date on vaccinations, worming, farrier work, coggins, etc.

The morning that H.E.R. arrived at the property they found that 5 of the ponies were in decent shape but 3 were in critical condition.

A 16 year old pony named Star concerned them the most. The owners of H.E.R. have been around horses all their lives and have seen a lot of severe cases that have come through the rescue, but this was something that they had never seen before.

Stars hooves were trimmed and the sores started to heal.

Star, at one point and time, had foundered and the owners, thinking it would be best for her not to walk a lot, put her in a stall and that is where she stayed.. They fed her daily but no care was ever given to her already damaged hooves. Her hooves were so overgrown that they curled back around and grew into the meat on her ankles.

Although still in pain, she loved her grooming and had a voracious appetite. She wanted to be let outside to graze daily!

When they went to look at her in the stall the smell was terrible and you could actually hear the maggots moving. H.E.R. immediatley called their wonderful vet and got to work. Star was sedated and the majority of the hoof was cut off. From there she was moved to the vet’s clinic for further care. 

She also had severe fly larvae in both eyes. She had MASSIVE sores on both ankles where her hooves had grown. H.E.R wanted to give her a chance and was determined to do everything in their power to save her but also kept in mind that sometimes the neglect is too much.

For three years, she stood ON her ankle that twisted sideways from the hoof growth. She still stands that way.


The vets know her coffin bone is shattered, but they think they can help with a prosthetic device or a prosthesis. Her other ankle is doing well!

This is how she has stood on that ankle for years.

This began a daily routine of doctoring Star. From the beginning you could see in her eyes that she was a fighter. The fly larvae were cleaned out of her eyes and she was groomed, probably for the first time in years. By day 9, the sores on her ankles were starting to heal nicely and the continuous farrier work was starting to shape her hooves back to somewhat of a normal look. Her overgrown hooves were hung over her stall as a constant reminder of what this little pony has overcome already.

These are her hoof trimmings. They hang outside her stall to remind us all of what a warrior this little pony has been throughout her confinement and neglect.


Right now, the specialists are deciding if she is a candidate for a prosthetic device or a prosthesis on her right ankle.  For sure, they feel confident they can help her with one or the other.

And, the specialists feel she is strong, a fighter and they really want to help her.

This simple splint was temporarily made for Star and she loves the support!

Although the vets are giving a very reduced rate to help her, the surgery and an equine prosthetic device or prosthesis are very costly items.  They hope to raise $5000 to pay for the devices to be created, and for the ongoing fitting and fixing that happens while the device is being worn and manipulated naturally.

Remember Molly who lost her leg from a dog attack?

Well, Star may very well fall in her footsteps…

PLEASE HELP HOPE EQUINE RESCUE give Star a chance at the new life she so wants to live!

  If you receive this via email, please click here to donate!



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  1. Savanna

    I read on another website that Star passed away last year is this true?

  2. K&M Pony Parties

    The rescue that has Star is one of the BEST around here in Polk County, Florida. And the treating vet is a wonderful person too. If he had any doubts that this pony would not be comfortable and make it then he would not agree with it and would have euthanized her on the spot. Her care takers are doing everything possible to make her better every day. Every dollar donated will help this little girl. Please help Star and donate something to achieve the goal of making her a new leg to get around on. This pony is very grateful for everything everyone has done for her…..

  3. DebB

    Animals in pain usually won’t eat. If the pony is bright and eating, she is not on deaths door. Perhaps the vets are using this pony as a learning experience for future reference. Some good will come of their work and Star’s suffering and rescue won’t be in vain.

  4. Amy

    Honestly the audacity of most of the people writing on this page astounds me. Just because we live in a society of free speech doesn’t mean that we should always act upon it. This is a group of people that have taken in a terribly injured animal. PROFESSIONALS, not just do good activists, vets, surgeons, have evaluated Star, and watched her recovery of her injuries, assessed her diet, mood, weight, and she is improving. They have judged that a prosthetic device or prosthesis will help her. Respectfully, yes there are other places where $5000 could help more than one horse, but $5000 will help STAR, and that is why you are on this page. If you don’t agree, Respectfully, don’t donate, otherwise, please don’t presume to know more than the people caring for her, or dare say that she won’t be sound… I’m sure you would never like to be judged that way if you found yourself sick, and in need of assistance. As long as she remains healthy, and continues to show the spirit for life and will to overcome the adversities that she has seen due to *human Hands, we owe her the respect to repair the damage done. If the day comes that she can no longer bear or withstand her injuries, and needs to be euthanized, I will consider my donation put towards time that she was healthy and happy, after years of suffering. I trust the people who put their time, profession and hearts into this work to make that judgement… Only people who do not understand what it is like to hold or help a suffering animal could believe that they would do this for themselves. No-one in advocacy will prolong an animals life if it is not viable, and without suffering. It goes against everything we stand for. Good Luck Star, Be Well!

  5. julie

    For all of you that are against this you have a right for your opinion but my question is how much money do you donate to starving children and battered women and how much of your time not money do you donate or give to something other than yourself? This horse has spoke for herself by living as a strong willing being would do. So take the easy way out and destroy her? Yes that is what looser do but winners keep on fighting until the last hope is gone and even then some so my thoughts as long as this is a legitimate deal I’m in animals are the only thing in this world that ask nothing but give everything and don’t judge! Tell me where and how to donate.

  6. Sharon

    I hope the people that had this sweet horse are procuted for abuse, this is terrible what they have done to her, makes me sick.

  7. Seabiscute

    To “Viable??” — it seems to me you are confusing apples and oranges. If $5000 is not spent on this pony’s rehab, it is not going to pull horses off the slaughter trucks. No, they should not going there — no horse deserves that terrible fate — but helping Star is NOT putting more horses on the trucks. Conversely, not helping Star will not take any horses out of the pipeline to slaughter.

    Please continue to support the efforts to stop horse slaughter for human consumption, everyone, and if you do not agree with the effort being made for this particular equine, don’t contribute to it.

    BTW, whoever posted about this, there are no public funds being used for this. Donations from the public, yes, but private rescues get no public funding.

  8. SMY

    I have met Star and helped work on her feet. She’s a strong little girl. A fighter, who has proven that she can adapt to whatever life throws at her. If this had been too much for her to handle, she would have lain down and died without human intervention, instead she continued to fight and adapt.

    I understand what the naysayers are thinking, however, this is a fund raiser purely for the purpose of helping Star. If you don’t agree, then don’t donate. Simple as that, make your donations to any cause you support.

    As for the rescue who has Star, you could not ask for a better group. They always put the needs of the horses first, if they feel a horse is suffering, they will do the right thing. Their Board of Directors includes a vet who would not recommend the procedure if he did not think it was a very feasible option. There will always be thousands of starving, neglected, abandoned horses, HER has made a huge impact on those in their area. I am delighted to see that in just 24 hours 50% of the necessary funds have been raised for Star.

  9. Just Thinking...

    To many are saying people are playing God and comparing an animal to a human life.I know a person that lost part of his foot.He sure didn’t want to lose it but due to an accident he had no choice. He still has phantom pain…like the end of the foot is still there.He is very near and dear to me so don’t even say Should we put humans down to?Don’t let your love for animals cloud your common sense.Now hear me out… We HAD to put one down that broke his leg so bad his hoof appeared to be on backwards. This horse was a trooper and he kept trying to stand while I was in pure shock.He was my sons horse and I so wish it had been one of mine instead!!Several years before that, one of my mares fractured her pelvic.I couldn’t get ANYONE to listen.They all thought is was a hoof issue.By the time the vet would listen to me,you could hear her bone crunching,it was to late.And her pelvic was knitting back together.I kept her four years,one year she spent at a supposed rehab/rescue where she was ridden and had a stud trying to breed her!!! I got her back.So five years she lived in pain.I gave her meds daily.Separating her from the herd made her pace which didn’t help.Then I noticed one day it took her longer to come in.She didn’t care that her best horse friend wasn’t near her.Even bit at her when she was.She wasn’t grazing.I assume it hurt to put her head down.I told my husband we needed to call the vet.Ten minutes later he called me back.Meet him and the vet ( a new vet ) My insides felt completely hysterical.I turned to my mama and asked her was I doing the right thing.She told me that with all those signs the meds were not helping.If I kept her alive I was only doing it for me and that was selfish.My pain would heal and hers would just get worse.So you can’t be so quick to say someone is playing God.Do you think I wanted to put her down?Or lose my sons horse the way we did? I have seen founder.You would of thought the founder would of stressed her to colic.Then with the poor hoof care on top of founder should of pushed her on over the edge.If people want to donate to help this pony go for it.Is her other foot in the shape to carry the weight?Auburn University just put a prosthetic on a baby donkey and he can tear up jack!! My personal finances alone would cause me to make the choice to put her down.But this place has the means.And if that is what they want to do I say go for it. Sorry for being so long winded.

  10. dawndi Post author

    Cassie: There are many services that provide ways to help needy children – or any other cause you may wish to support. This blog is for horses. This is a venue for those who wish to support the Bucket Fund. Everyone has free will on whether they wish to donate or not. If you don’t want to, that’s totally fine. And, if anyone wishes to donate, that is also their choice.
    And, to be clear, the Bucket Fund has often been set up to help horses on feedlots… The subject changes monthly.

  11. viable??

    I just searched the full rough cost of the prothstetic and the surgeries…. and the probably rehab.

    A horse who will at the very least suffer daily to vaying degrees is worth the lives of 25 healthy horses dying horrific deaths. When you spend a large amount of funds on 1 horse you need to consider how many you are killing off for one horse. I watch Molly and they don’t have a lot of vodeo of that poor mare walking but the limp, support on the other legs and hind in muscle damage speaks volumes…. I feel really bad for her as well. I found hind end mini’s with prosthetics to and becaose a horses hind end is push and balance…. those looked fien and I would promote hind prosth….. if I was ever willing to take just one.

    Just remember part of a bussiness is not what gets you recognition but also impact. The only impact I see here is how many 2-5 year old half starved horses will be dumped to “go wild” or put on a truck to Mexico for one….. Most of those horses just need food and a vet check!

  12. anne

    I just can’t believe it… wonderful people who rescued her and are giving her a chance!!! I live in Italy but from california… I wish that I could adopt her.. but i figure some one is there before me to give her lots of care & love…

  13. Evelyn Levine

    The horses didn’t need to be left in an inclosed area like was done. That horse would have been left outside during the day. The horse didn’t have adequate vet check ups. There is so much offensive in this situation such as the illness of the eyes – could that cause life time damage. I know the prosthetic horse was not care for. I is just a shame. The people had this horse should have to pay for the daily care. People like this just shouldn’t have horses.

  14. Cassie

    This is something I don’t understand…sure let the horse live if she can do so without pain meds and without a $5000 fix. I would much rather see that money go to helping little children that are starving or women & children that are being abused or someone without health coverage that is dying of cancer. Animals are not humans….they deserve kindness and respect but that money could help our neighbors.

  15. ejm

    I guess I don’t understand people playing God. It really is not up to humans to decide if an animal lives or dies…..people have been shown to have poor choices when it comes to animals. For God’s sake, listen to the horse or to the animal…..you can tell yourself you are putting it out of it’s misery but actually you are putting it out of your own misery so you, and only you, don’t have to deal with what you think is misery. How extremely selfish. I am sending a donation to help this little pony. She has demonstrated to everyone that she wants to live and that she will fight to live, once she gets the artificial who knows how much inspiration she will be to everyone – all humans!

  16. scampers

    To be honest, no one really knows what this horse is feeling, or wether she wants to be put down or if she wants to stay alive. Alll they can do is use their best judgement, which is telling them that she is becoming much happier and healthier. In my opinion, if she wanted to die, she would have given up a LONG time ago. And I think that she more than deserves the help that she is getting. Everyone needs to hear this story and become more aware of animal abuse so please share this !!

  17. rose

    Well, I think she deserves a chance. I think people are to fast at putting animals down ! How do you know she;s in pain, I do not know that she isn’t, but she looks pretty happy to me.Give her a chance, she deserves it ! I would be surprised if SOME would put people down in the name of ” doing away with suffering “…I say let God decide when animals or people die !

  18. A life is a life!!!

    I admire you for fighting to give Star some happiness in life……with respect to those who disagree…..this horse does NOT want to die!!!! She has fought hard for 3 years to stay alive…..If she wanted to die she would have made that decision for herself!!! I don’t think you give a horses intellect enough credit!!!!!! She is eating and fighting to stay on her feet!!! She has the will to live and a bloody strong one at that…..so get behind her with all your encouragement and support!!!!! Go Star……very appropriately named!!! You are AMAZING!!!!

  19. Lynbyd

    Horses like people have to fight and not loose the will to live Star has proved that all she needs is a little help from those of us that believe in her.

  20. Lynbyd

    I am shocked at the negative comments made about Star s life. Why waste money and Time on the old and disabled? Dogs, cats, horses next will be people especially the old or sick. God gave some of us compassion and love. I’m glad H ER found her. I’m donating. If you think it’s a waste don’t bother.

  21. Shannon Hayden

    For all the money that you are planning to spend on this one suffering pony, MANY other ponies could be saved who would be more likely to go on to a good quality of life. I think it’s time to let this beautiful girl go on to where she can be pain-free FOR GOOD and use the funds to save other horses and ponies who need someone to step in for them.

  22. Mattie

    Animals will let you know when they have no more to give. This pony wants to live or she would have given up long ago. Also animals learn to adapt to a new “normal” I have seen plenty of horses with twisted and deformed feet and limbs that lead happy lives as companion animals. Horses do not dream of days when they could run and buck, they can and are happy living in the now. If they have food, water and companions they will be content.

    If people can help her wonderful, if people don’t want to fine, don’t donate then. It’s not a choice between one injured pony OR healthy horses going to slaughter. These bucket funds are kind of like Kiva, a lot of small donations that make some good happen. If donors are like myself then this is not the only equine welfare donation they will make this month.

    I will hope for a good outcome but understand that the poor pony may have to be put down and either way I will still feel like it was money well spent.

  23. Advocate for star2

    Thank you for rescuing this pony an giving her a chance at life again
    Bless you all and prayers for you and star

  24. Tiger's Mom

    It still amazes me ow many can judge and give opinions when you aren’t the ones involved. You are not required to donate but you are allowed to your own opinions. Each side has their own thoughts and I’m sure that the rescuers are doing what they can and taking all of the right steps to help Star. Do I think she needs to be put down? Nope! If you have never been in the shoes of someone involved in a serious rescue case… neglect, starvation or injury… please volunteer your time to see the efforts that are made up close and personal. Just because I post my opinion doesn’t mean I am right or wrong, I too am simply stating my opinion and nothing more. I commend the rescuers for what they are doing. This pony can still live a long and healthy life. Hell, most ponies live into their 30’s or longer so he life isn’t even half over. I agree that if you are able to save the animal and they want to be saved, DO IT!! For those of you who need proof that rescue works visit: http://www.facebook.com/SarahsTiger2007. Friend him and take a long hard look at his before photos, hospital photos and then his current pics that were just posted of him. He was barely a 1 on the body scale, the vet said euthanize him and next summer he will be a Dressage Champion, the spirit of Secretariat lives on in that horse! Rescue does work and it does pay off gang. If you do not support rescue, that’s fine, you have that right. But please don’t criticize those who work tirelessly to save the ones who both need and deserve food and medical treatment. I would NEVER think of killing off our injured US soldiers, would you? If you disagree… then you shouldn’t be working with rescues or rehabs to begin with. Kudos to this pony and her rescuers!!! May she live a long and healthy life and thank you for giving her a chance at life!!!

  25. UsedtobeHaffy

    I am simply so sad about this poor pony.

    Sad that she got into this state, and even sadder about continuing to abuse her. Yes I know everyone has good intentions, but poor girl must still be in terrible pain, and will be ongoing as her weight bearing structures change.

    I also question the sinking of $5000 into one pasture pet, because there are any amount of neglected abused young horses out there, who could have a chance at a great life, for a small investment. Why should all the money go into this one pony.

    I understand those who think she needs a chance, but sorry I just don’t agree with you, not when so many need help.

  26. Deb Hamilton

    I think putting this pony down now would be cruel. I think she looks like she has plenty of life left in her. I would say give her a chance. She finally after all these years is feeling love that she should have felt 3 years ago.

  27. jessica

    What happened to the owners? I hope they have been formally charged with animal abuse and neglect. There is no excuse for the owners, if you have common sense you should see the problem of over grown hoofs and maggots in ur pets eyes and face.

    Personally I think there is nothing wrong with giving this pony a chance at life. I’m sure she is given meds to make her comfortable if she’s in pain. However, just bc there is a deformity does not automatically equal pain. She would gave been cast down in her stall unable to stand.

  28. JP

    To those who think that putting Star down was the thing to do…. My opinion is that you need to re-think your position. Most of us who have and have had animals know that if you really know animals they will tell you when it’s time. When “they” are done with life. Not when you are done with it. Take a good look into their eyes and they will tell you. If a human looses an arm, leg, eye sight, has a heart attack….they are no longer considered perfect and may be in some amount of pain. Should we also put an end to their life. Think again of who created it. 99.9% of all animal rescues that I have done for the past 20 years is because humans have put them in that position. It’s about time humans start making up for it. For the prosthetic try Scope Ortho in San Diego. They have done wonders for many animals. Remember next time listen to the animal.

  29. Jalkr

    I think it is fantastic you’re doing everything possible, including giving the prosthetic option a try. You’re listening to the animal and the vets involve din her care, and ignoring critics who aren’t even there, which is as it should be.

    I had an elderly, grouchy mare adopted from rescue. First I was told she was an irredeemable monstrosity, because she bit and kicked so much. She bit and kicked because she was sure she was going to get manhandled again. Then, when she began to have a hard time getting up, it was, “euthanize her, she’s been through enough,” but for the next three years my family and I were always there when she needed help to get up. And she knew we could be counted on.

    She had been through a lot of suffering in her life, but we endeavored to make up for what had come before, as you are trying to do for Star. We cannot save all horses in peril, but that’s not a reason to consign a single, special life to oblivion.

  30. nizhoni1

    I think it is presumptuous of us to assume what another being’s level of tolerance and will is.Euthanasia is a difficult thing for me. I have animals that have lived up to a year after I considered putting them down. Eating, playing and and enjoying things in their way until they end. If they were drying or stopped eating for long I would go there but not till then

  31. Loisey

    Keep up the amazing work that you do. Before you judge how about you visit Star in person? Having adopted my mare Baby from Hope Equine Rescue a Thoroughbred with tendon damage, I can attest to the wonderful work being done at Hope Equine Rescue. Baby cannot be ridden do to her injury. Many were turned down and she was there nearly two years until we came along. This is a wonderful rescue that is very particular with placing the horses. They do everything possible to place the horses in a “forever home.” I can assure you they do not let horses needlessly suffer there are times when they have to make that heart wrenching decision.

  32. dawndi Post author

    To me, everyone has the right to choose for themselves what motivates them to donate. You do what you wish, let others who wish to help Star, do what they wish.

  33. MAMAQ

    Honestly when hearing of this story I too thought saving her was nothing but a money raising feel good gambit by self serving rescuers but when you look in her eyes she wants to live. Most horses would not have survived the agony; they would have given up. She kept her will to live for 3 years in conditions no creature should have been able to tolerate. Give her the chance. Horses are magnificent creatures in their will to live. That is why even a dying horse must be sedated prior to giving the final needle -because they will fight to stay alive. This girl needs to live. She will tell you when it is time. Just take the hooves down that is only morbid and self serving. She lived with the stench of neglect long enough – allow her rebirth.

  34. viable??

    OK so although the pictures show severe deformity and appears painful I will leave that be past were I the one who rescued her she would have been euthanized on the spot. Then of course the vet I use looks at viable solutions in order to rescue the most horses potentially heading to slaughter instead of the few.
    The needs of the few outweigh the many in this case.
    For a life that may or may not be filled with pain for 5000 consider the dozen that won’t be in pain 100% for sure after rehab. I know someone who was in Nevada recently you could go round up a dozen domestics who are perfectly healthy starving to death with 5000. Craigslist has 100s of horses in horrible shape with owners desperate to re-home them. Tens of thousands are crossing the border to be stabbed repeatedly in the necks that are also healthy since Mexico refuses underweight not healthy horses. These horses could desperately use those funds and space, they have a HIGH likelihood of a happy health life. I am sure the sixteen year old pony is sweet but….
    Who would seriously adopt her.
    Is the ongoing expense for her worth the lives of at least a dozen more (even more so if she is in severe pain).
    Just because we can do prosthetics for horses does not mean it’s a good idea. If a private owner wants to spend their hard earned money on a personal horse for prosthetics that is one thing, as a NPO organization is it appropriate to spend public money on them is always a good question. People who donate publically are looking for results, sad as it is and no this mare did not deserve it from a fiscal responsible standpoint…… I do not see good results! All I see is the numbers of horses dying in pain for the price of this one who might or might not end up in continual pain.

  35. dawndi Post author

    Actually, Molly was clinically worse. They are very similar cases. We are speaking to those surgeons as well as others.

  36. dawndi Post author

    I respectfully disagree again. If you were a regular reader of the Horse and Man blog, you would know that many decisions have been made to humanely stop suffering in horses that we’ve followed who we feel cannot be helped.
    We have done our due diligence on this one case with Star and we feel she should be given a chance.
    If at any point, something goes wrong and she is not doing well, we will always do the right thing for the horse.

  37. Another Advocate for Star

    Im sorry I have to disagree with you. This is cruel to be keeping this pony alive. In your own words you are doing this for yourself

    No one could bear not giving her a chance.

    This kind of stuff is exactly why I set up the Bucket Fund – to right a wrong. To help those horses who are helpless. To make the humans good again.

    This horse is suffering and even with a prosthesis she will never be sound. She has been in pain for 3 years, and then you come along to PROLONG the pain to make yourself feel good that you are “saving” her. There comes a point that the HUMAN needs to step back and make the best decision for the horse. The BEST decision is to put the pony down.

  38. judy

    I wouls seriously consider everything that she is going through you might get her better but who knows lots of horses in the world that are healthy going to slaughter needing homes I would say I couldnt invest that much into one animal unless the Vets and Companies would take the donations no matter how small what was collected and then I dont know if the lil mare is comfortable I dont want to let an animal live in constant suffering a horse wants to move around run and be happy .Horses are horses there is a large need everywhere

  39. essbee

    God bless you, Star, and the people who are helping to make you happy and healthy. Sent a little something ($5) for your care.

  40. Seabiscute

    “Simple ignorance” IS NO EXCUSE. What if it had been a human, wouldn’t the book have been thrown at them for this terrible, cruel neglect? At the least, they should pay for the treatment. If they had the wits to feed her daily, they could have done more. If they had other horses, how could they not see how dreadfully wrong things were with her? Just the smell alone — and if they did visit her daily, they had to see the flies! Whether or not she makes it, she has already lived three years in torture.

    (Those hooves look like more than three years of growth to me, BTW…but I have never had a pony, so maybe their hooves grow faster? Or maybe all my horse’s regular trimmings would add up to that…ugh.)

    “Simple ignorance,” my foot. I recommend reading “Beautiful Joe,” if you can find it — it’s like a dog version of “Black Beauty,” where this same point is driven home in a memorable way. Maybe I will go look for a good quotation from it…

  41. Jennifer F.

    You are a fantastic group of knowledgable people! I love seeing second chances and look forward to reading about her progress!

  42. brett

    there is only one kind considerate thing to do for this pony….. who in the hell are you saving that pony for ? no doubt it isnt for the pony’s sake, i dont think molly is even the same kind of deal as this mess… do poor star a favor.

  43. Lisa Docter

    I commend you and those that are activists for animal welfare. The owner’s of this horse should be punished no matter their age. They could have simply made a call to SOMEBODY to say their health and age prevented them for caring for the animals and please care for them. It is time to let Star go and have her humanely euthanized. She should not go through anymore pain. And let this be a lesson that this needs to be delt with early and animals taken sooner.

  44. Mindful

    The insane amount of animal cruelty is heart shattering.
    I don’t even like to look at FB and the internet, I can’t stand seeing what is going on. And yet, that’s one way to spread the word and help. Thank you Dawn for always giving me the opportunity to do at least something by contributing $.

  45. Denise

    How is Star doing with out the prosthetic? Is she eating and happy? Does that support splint support her while she is walking? How Old is she? I am all for the prosthetic, however, If she is doing well with the Support splint, does she need more? I dont believe she is suffering, HER is taking fabulous care of her. Just Curious

  46. dawndi Post author

    I RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE. Have you ever read about Molly, the pony with the prosthetic leg? There have been major successes with prosthetics and we have done the research. So far, so good. We are willing to give her a chance at a life she deserves. If you’d like to read some of the prosthetic/prosthesis success stories, click here: http://www.horseandman.com/?p=12959

  47. Star's Adovcate

    Good for you to show the pony love in her final days. I think it’s time to go ahead and have her humanely euthanized. Show her compassion and release her from her suffering.

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