Let’s Name that Baby! And other adorable adoptables!

Last week, The HORSE AND MAN group outdid itself by donating over $1000 (in 24 hours!) to the 31 Newly Orphaned Foals and 8 Nursing Mares with babies at their sides.  (To read that story, click here.)

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue, the incredible foundation who sponsored all 48 of these horses, offered a game of sorts for those who donated $1000 or more…  If anyone donated $1000+, they would be allowed to name a baby.

Naming babies is an incentive during fundraising and I always fall for it.

So, without further ado, here is the pic of the filly  The Horse and Man Group is privileged to name.

Filly #5!  Any suggestions?

Filly #5! She has a diamond shaped star so I submit, "Diamond Lil".


Here is the link to see individual photos of ALL of the foals/mares available for adoption from this incredible rescue!  If you are interested, please go to the Lifesavers website and contact them.


This is just a selection... Click here to see individual photos of all the saved foals and mares!



Remember the Bucket Fund for the Nuremare foals?  Here is the original story.

Anyway, many of them have yet to be adopted.  Here is a link to see them as they’ve grown, and to see who is still available.  They live in South Carolina presently.

Also, if you’d like to sponsor or support one of these babies (a great thing to do!), you can contact DETC here.

Terri from DETC Rescue sent and email with descriptors and photos:

Here are pics of most of the horses/foals that we still have for adoption. These are all orphan nurse mare foals. These foals were all pulled away from their mothers at 1-2 weeks old so a more expensive(race) foal could nurse. They have had a rough start and need FOREVER homes! To learn more about nurse mare foals, and what we are doing to stop this industry, visit our website, www.dreamequinetherapycenter.org.

If you see one you like, email me and I can tell you more about that particular one.

It is easiest to make an appt to meet them and pick one out. All adoption fees reduced to $250 for a very limited time. Our farm is up for sale, so we really need to find GOOD homes quick. Call Terri at 803-417-3285 for more information.

I will try to put descriptions in order of pics!

Mindy-2 yr old Red dun QH filly.  Ready to start groundwork and ready to ride next spring. Has dorsal stripe and striping on legs. Very flashy! Very sweet, loves people. She was an 09 nurse mare foal returned this spring. Will mature in 14hh range.

Stretch- Yearling Gray Tb cross. He is a 2010 nurse mare foal. He has been here since two weeks old. Very healthy now, calm, loads, leads, stands for farrier. Will be 16hh maybe larger. Does not have a typical Tb personality, more like a QH.

Twister- Belgian/QH cross, approx 9 months old. Sorrel, like a Belgian, will be huge. Very calm sweet, already gelded. Working on more groundwork. Loads, leads, very laid back. Also have a filly named Katrina that is also a Belgian/QH. Also a sorrel.

Weanlings:  All weanlings have been handled, lead, stand for farrier and have had basic groundwork. All have also been body clipped earlier in the spring.

Black TWH filly- Star with four white socks. Will be tall probably 16hh

Buckskin TWH filly-Huge, easy keeper, will be 16hh also. Beautiful color.

Black overo TWH colt- Very flashy, friendliest of all the foals. Will follow you anywhere.

Darker red dun TWH colt- Armstrong, this is the little guy that was on a feeding tube for 3 weeks and almost didn’t make it. He is going to be a great little horse.

Red dun QH filly-on the smaller side, should be at least 14hh, easy keeper, very laid back and friendly.

Bay TWH filly- very petite, plain bay but with a pretty arab type head.

Bay Ky Mountain Filly with big crooked blaze and socks- Very flashy and looks to be the smoothest gaited horse I have ever seen. She is a little younger than the rest. Will be off creep feed this weekend.

Bay Ky Mountain Colt- Also a great mover, he is on one of our HIL mares and will be ready to leave in Mid Sept.

Black Ky Mountain colt- Looked to be chocolate colored but farm said out of a black mare. He looks to be turning black with a blaze and four white socks. He is also on one of our HIL mares. Will be available in mid Sept.

Chestnut QH colt- Has halter quality conformation. Purebred, he is going to be NICE! Very sweet also. He is on one of our HIL mares and will be available Mid August.

Purebred Chestnut and white Paint Filly- Flashy and nosy personality. Also on one of our HIL mares and will be available Mid August.

We have a good selection, every color or breed you could want. Come pick one out, these babies need homes of their own.








Black TWH filly

Buckskin TWH filly

Black overo TWH colt

Darker red dun TWH colt

Red dun QH filly (she blinked...)

Bay TWH filly

Bay Ky Mountain Filly with big crooked blaze and socks

Bay Ky Mountain Colt

Black Ky Mountain colt

Chestnut QH colt


Purebred Chestnut and white Paint Filly

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. JaNel Heiman

    How about something with the words faith or hope…..both of which were needed to save these animals…..Congrats to all who helped accomplish this task…..Faith’s Diamond of Hope…..Faith’s Hope Diamond??????

  2. Stef

    How about Danica? It’s Slavic meaning star and begins with D like Diamond :)

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