ARRRGH! There are 33 MORE yearlings and 2 year-olds in the KILLPEN! If we help with their food, we can buy some time. AUGUST BUCKET FUND – The Yearlings..



This makes me so sick.

I’ll explain…

Two weeks ago, you all helped with the incredible save of 31 orphaned foals and 8 nursing mares with their babies who were in the kill pen in Fallon, Nevada.  They were dumped by an irresponsible breeder.

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue stepped in to house them all after the funds were raised.  You can read the story here.


OK, so this same irresponsible breeder who already shipped off two trucks of mares (the mothers to the orphans), just off-loaded 33 more horses – yearlings and 2 year-olds.

What the heck?  How many horses does one breeder need to breed for criminy sakes?!

I swear, if you cannot be responsible for the entire life of whatever foal you are creating, then you shouldn’t be breeding.  Especially in this economy.  Breeding horses to kill them is just insane to me.

I just hope that the horsegods are going to meet this nimrod at the pearly gates…


Luckily, in steps a wonderful woman, Debra Hawk, who decided to take it upon herself to create a Facebook campaign to find homes for these youngsters.  So far, she has placed 20 – all by herself.  You go, girl!  Pretty Amazing to place 20 horses in a few days!!

But, there are 11 left who are languishing in the killpen.



Click here for Debra’s Facebook page to follow what is going on.

Click here for the page with the photos.  If you go to this page, you can click on any photo and a larger image will appear with a description.

If you would like to adopt or house one, let her know or let me know and I’ll let her know.

UPDATE @ 8:30am:  The horses still needing food, bail and homes are #s: 1, 2, 3, 7, 14, 19, 21, 25, 27, 30 (bailed:Appy mare 4yrs, sweet, needs home), 31 (another bailed Appy mare, 4 yrs, sweet, needs home), 32, 33.

UPDATE @ 10:23AM:  #2 and # 21 are safe!  That leaves 9 in the killpen and 2 that have been bailed but need homes!


Click on image to go to the page with photos and descriptions.


Click on image to go to the photo page



In an odd twist that breaks my heart, another two truckloads of mature horses were just dropped off at the same killpen as the youngsters.  So, those new, older horses are the better (fatter) horses to ship first.

Therefore, although the older horses are out of luck (chokes me up..), their sacrifice gives time to the youngsters.  The feedlot owners will not ship the yearling group immediately, as long as Debra can feed them… (otherwise, they ship).

If Debra can delay their shipping by feeding them, she can keep working on finding them homes.

LET’S HELP HER FEED THEM, buy time and place them.

Let’s help her.

It costs only $3 per day per horse and there are 11 left as of today.  That mean $33/day to feed these youngsters.  Feeding them buys Debra time.

Let’s buy her as much time as possible to place these babies!!

We can do this.

$3 a day.  That’s a Starbucks.

C’mon.  Let’s get them outta there – or at least get them fed so that Debra can work her magic.  PLEASE SHARE!

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  1. frank

    It sounds to me that the breeder was doing the responsible thing. How many times have we said when we saw starving horses, “If that guy can’t feed them, just why d oesn’t he just get rid of them?” He is doing just that. but it looks like he found some sucker to feed them for him until he get back to pick another load.

  2. Rachel

    I sent $30 to help out, What an amazing woman to take on homing all these horses! Hopefully this breeder is done breeding!

  3. peg

    Ok – I’ve sent in $25.00 That’ll keep 1 horse for 8 days or 8 for a day.. No way I could take one,can’t keep one in my shower.
    At least these seem well fed.

  4. peg

    It never ends!
    What was this person breeding for? I see Paint,Appalossa,looks like Arab,QH,and some fancy colors — Maybe just quanty to ship fore meat?

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