More Good News! Pics of the 31 Orphaned Foals and 8 Nursing Mares (with babies) released into their new, temporary digs!

I guess there isn’t much of a story today… just great follow-up photos.

These are the 31 newly orphaned foals (Moms went off to slaughter) and the 8 Nursing Mares (who didn’t fit on the truck) and their babies being released into their temporary holding facility in Fallon, Nevada.

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In case you missed the story, Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue was able to raise $39,000 in 24 hours (from all of you wonderful people) to rescue these horses from the kill pen.  Click here for the original story.

Now, Lifesavers is hoping to find individual, approved, Rescues to take in these horses with the funds provided by all of you.  These horses will have all the proper care AS WELL AS training.  That is the most important.

These babies will have a great start to become the kind of equine citizen that create ambassadors for Rescued Horses.


This was sent to me and I love the concept of having an Exhibition of only Rescued Horses – doing fabulous things!:

You took a chance when you adopted your horse.  Now, take this chance to show the world that rescued horses can be and do anything you desire!  Alliance For Horses is developing a program that is destined to finally change how the public sees the unwanted horse.  We are seeking dedicated horses and riders to audition for our three exhibition teams, now assembling:  Western, Eventing/Jumping, and Dressage.  All three teams will be presenting beautiful exhibitions in front of hundreds of people at Rancho Murieta in Fall 2011 (September-November), and very possibly at the huge AQHA show at the Cow Palace!   You and your horse can have loads of fun, and help people to truly see the real-life potential in unwanted horses!
If you live in counties surrounding the Sacramento Valley, and you have a horse that was unwanted, adopted, given up, given away, abandoned, etc… read ON!

How To Audition:
The deadline for video submissions from auditioners for our exhibition teams is Saturday, August 6th.
Create a current 3 to 10 minute video that shows us what you have going on with your horse now.  Be sure to showcase your horse’s special talents and abilities under saddle.  Post that video to YouTube.  E-mail the URL for your YouTube video to, along with “before” and “after” photos and bio about your horse, and a brief bio about yourself.

Also, please do join our Facebook Group, Alliance For Horses.  We’re using Facebook as a temporary website and informational hub.

What to Expect:
Up to 8 horse/human pairs will be chosen for each team: Western, Dressage, and Eventing & Jumpers.  The Western team will be assembled and begin rehearsing first, as our first event is a Western show at Rancho Murieta, Sept. 15-18.
Here is a preliminary list of more shows that are interested in having our exhibition teams perform:
California Dressage Society State Championships, October 6-7-8-9
AQHA Grand National (at Cow Palace), October 20-21-22
Sacramento International, November 3-4-5-6.
Presentations will be choreographed for the special talents and abilities of the unique members on the team. Each team member will be provided with a few simple patterns to practice at home.  These will be refined at two team practices (dates to be announced in August). We would like to have as few team rehearsals as possible.  The creation and planning of the presentations will largely be a team collaboration process.

We are hoping to create refined exhibitions that really “grab” the audiences – a presentation with a huge “wow” factor, some rags -to-riches type stories of horses who were given up, thrown away, abandoned, unwanted.  We want the audience to see these horses now thriving and happily under saddle, looking skilled and fabulous, as valued members of the equestrian community.  One of our goals is for team attire and equine turnout to be show-appropriate, but we do not expect anyone to spend money to purchase show clothing.  We’ll chat about that later.

We hope to see your video soon!


I love this one! Here they come! So beautiful!

Pretty baby



She looks heavy in foal to me...

One group


Lots of chrome!

Hubby likes this one.

Foster Mamma to several

Lots of babies...


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  2. Carrie

    I’m happy to say that I am adopting and bringing one of the lovely painted babies home to live with me soon. Forever. :)

  3. Mikey

    All those babies with no mamas just break my heart. Such cruelty in this world. I’m so glad these are safe.

  4. Deborah Slagle

    I shared the Casting Call for the Rescue-Only Exhibition Team applicants on ABR for ya… I know there are Ooodles of folks there who may be interested!!

    SO HAPPY for all the Ladies and Kiddos!! It is SO AMAZING that the funds were raised SO FAST to save them!! Hoping their futures are Brilliantly Bright and that they all live long, happy lives!!

    My 2 fav kiddos from the pics are the paint baby from “lots of chrome” with the white mane on the dark body and the one with the white mane and white tail from “One Group”! Those white manes are stunning!

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