Internet platform down… QUICK UPDATE ON GUINNESS!

I have an update on Guinness, but my internet WordPress platform has been down all day.

This is glorious Guinness in his younger days!

So, I will post this 1-2  pic and tell you, quickly, that he is still fighting the chin tumor infection before he can have any surgery.  The good news is that he is in the equine hospital where they can treat him beautifully… to get fight this infection and prepare him.  Right now, they are hoping for Wed or Thursday.

SURGERY, hopefully, THIS WEEK, after the massive infection in his face has subsided.

We have raised enough funds for the deposit which will pay for all of this infection fighting, his board and the chest surgery.  If you would like to contribute to his face surgery, we greatly appreciate it.  (The face is very complicated… full of blood vessels.)

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Guinness receiving a bath and excellent care at the Mhyre clinic.


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