Guinness, our February Bucket Fund Horse, HAD HIS SURGERY! LOOK at these photos! Wonderful!!

I received a text from Dr. Mhyre last night.  He said the histology came back, finally, and it was better than expected!  These tumors are actually sarcoids!  Good news.  So, he planned on removing the tumors today… AND HE DID!

The nurse said that Guinness is very stoic, lets them work on him even though daily cleaning of his tumors was very painful… and he is super sweet.  Loves to be loved.  *They said that his chin tumor was so big, he couldn’t drink out of a  bucket.  They had to fill up his corner feeder with water instead.

Even though we are approximately $1600 short on Guinness’ hugely discounted surgery and aftercare expenses, Dr. Mhyre performed the surgery anyway – which was very kind.  He loves this horse!  TODAY was the big day for this very big and big-hearted gelding to have his big surgeries!

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  THANK YOU for helping this beautiful soul – and for helping the surgeon help Guinness!

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Both areas prepped.  I think they tied off the tumors to stop the blood flow and make the cauterizing easier.

Guinness’ chin tumors.

His dangling chest tumor. It weighs 4 pounds!

The face was first…

Then the chest

GONE! This is Guinness after he woke up and was standing in recovery!

Alum spray all over his chin to aid in healing – of the very tender and wet chin area…

LOOK at his chin – so much better!!!

Back in his stall. TELL ME HE ISN’T SMILING HERE!!!!!

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