UPDATE ON OUR BUCKET FUND HORSE, GUINNESS! He made it to the hospital!

Our Bucket Fund Horse, Guinness, the 17 year-old Irish Draught horse who gave lessons his whole life and ended up with untreated HUGE tumors on his chest and chin…

You can read his story here...

Guinness made it to the  hospital!  Yay!  Our donations paid for his deposit and for his chest surgery – so he was transported there Tuesday!

Yay! We raised enough funds to get him to the hospital and to have his first surgery performed!

WHAT COMES NEXT?… – Chest surgery first.  Paid for and ready!

Well, as expected, our boy has a massive infection in the tumors on his chin.  Because of this, his temperature was elevated and he needed antibiotics to level him out before surgery.

His first surgery will be for the simpler procedure on his chest to remove the HUGE tumor there that hangs so painfully.

We have enough money to do this so he WILL have that chest tumor removed as soon as his face infection clears.

Dr. Myhre has been very generous with his time – and is very concerned for Guinness.

Unfortunately, but as expected, Guinness’ chin tumor is infected. So, he has to heal from that before they will do his chest surgery. Right now, Guinness is on antibiotics and is in the best place for that wound to heal prior to surgery (we continue to fund raising for the chin surgery.  That awful thing needs to go.)

2ND SURGERY – the chin.  We are still fundraising for this procedure.

While Guinness recovers from the chest surgery, hopefully all of the funding channels (including us) will have accumulated to continue with the very intense and critical surgery of his chin.  The chin tumor has many blood vessels… and it is a labor intensive procedure.  But that horrible thing HAS TO GO.

If you have any Starbucks or pocket change, please help this guy.  I’m so appreciative.  I’m told his is a lovely, lovely horse.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance… just look at this boy.  He so deserves to be cared for properly.

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What a kind eye!

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