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Almost exactly a year ago, Annie went to live with my very best friend since we were 5.  When Annie left, I was sad, but I knew that I couldn’t give her the training she needed – and that I hadn’t been able to work with her like I had intended due to my hip (which was replaced shortly after Annie left).

Lots of excuses but basically, Annie needed concentrated training and I couldn’t do that for her.

I knew my friend could.  And, she’s actually a way better rider than I will ever be, and they really clicked when they met.  So, it seemed like the best idea for them both.

Me and my very best friend, Lorelei, two years ago – as my hip was failing – we spent a weekend at the V6 Ranch and discussed Annie.  (She’s the blonde.)


It took a while for Annie to become familiar with her new digs –  but once she was good to go, they hit the ground running… in this year, Annie has had her teeth/feet done regularly, had constant massages and body work,  and she is trained 5 days a week.

Progressively, Annie, my friend and her trainer have worked miracles.  Annie is not only under saddle, but she rode in a parade last week!

Here is a small progression of photos.

Annie rolling after a bath.

She looks so small here… but she’s just back in frame. That is Lor’s husband walking Annie.

Annie likes her new young friends around the barn!

Here she is, pre-parade bath.

Annie is on the far left. She did great in the parade – no drama at all! Here you can see that she is much taller than the other horses.

Here is Lorelei riding Annie (although we are the same height, Lor’s legs are MUCH longer than mine…)

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