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As you know, Annie went to live with my oldest and dearest friend, Lorelei.

Lor and I grew up together and our love for horses was always there.  She had a horse before I did… and to be honest, she has a better seat than I do.

A photo from our past… this is Lor and her first horse, Priscilla. Lorelei was gifted Priscilla when Lorelei was 13.   Lor taught Pris tricks and they rode bareback throughout all the hills of Calabasas and Hidden Hills in Southern CA.  (Back then, those places were very horse friendly.)

So, when Lor came to visit us in Paso Robles, and fell in love with Annie, I knew it was a great match.  Lorelei is a new empty-nester and had the time and ability to train Annie, pour affection and onto her – and be her ‘one and only’ person.

This is us, last year, at the V6 Ranch.


Getting to know and trust each other…

Baths after training are common now…

Her comment on the baths…

Followed by the obligatory post bath roll.

Her first dental…

She has regular farrier visits.

Lots of girl bonding time…

Lorelei’s daughter, Hanna, loves Annie, too. Annie seems to like her as well.

I love this pic.

A little damage Annie created, trying to see her nextdoor neighbor.

This is her next door neighbor and now best buddy. He is a very old pony!

Saddle training.

Uh huh. Gonna happen.

4th ride. Such a good girl.

Trainer and Student after a session.



She is my heart. I’m so grateful you gifted her to me. I want to change her name from Orphan Annie to Princess Anne. She is pure royalty! :)

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