We got ANNIE!

Sunday, October 31st, 2021 | Filed under Annie

Last week, Gillian (who trains Dalton) and I went down to Southern CA to pick up Annie!

Annie is going into training with Gillian, too!


The California coast line… we took the 101 which brings us through Malibu. Very nice ride.

My friend, Lor, had been documenting the last two years with Annie!

Lor hired also hired a professional still photographer to shoot Annie’s last day in Southern CA.

Heartfelt goodbyes

Lor hugs Gillian and wishes us a safe drive home

Off we go!

Annie in her new digs next to Dalton!

They have side by side paddocks and the use of the huge field around them. Dalton also gets turned out with the babies on several acres – he’s a great Uncle to them! (More on that later!)

Here they are! Two peas in a pod!

Annie looking at me as I drove away.


And now it begins… trail training! 

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  1. dawndi Post author

    Yes – time flies! Annie left just before my hip surgery. That was the plan. To help me.

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