I felt so lucky today…!

A reader sent this link to me and I was overjoyed to find more metal art (I love metal art…) albeit from England once again…  (Previously, I posted about Tom Hill, a horseshoe sculptor who also hails from the UK linked here.)

Today’s sculptor, William Wilson, is a welder come artist.  Love it.  And, even better… he became an artist by looking through the scrap bins at work and letting his imagination fly!  Yup.  He’s a regular welder who started fiddling with iron scraps and VOILA!  Art!

How wonderful to expand your vision into something so formidable and engaging to others.


A work in progress - from horseshoes!


Cape Buffalo bull



I did an Internet search and found just about nothing on him except for one news piece which I’ve attached here.


William Wilson, the artist, next to one of his horseshoe creations


The news article I found...


Detail of horseshoe sculpture



Some of his work can be seen on his blog linked here.  He speaks about his pieces very simply and humbly.  I think it would be great to support him in his art… So, if you like his work, you can follow him here.  Or email him (williamwilsonsculpture@gmail.com)

It would be nice if he made equine art small enough to ship to us across the pond, eh?!

The opener of his blog

From the artist...


Impressive. Click to enlarge


In the studio...


I love this angle!




LOVE this gate...


Mare and Foal


Backside detail of the horse in studio



He also works in bronze.  There are several studies on his blog… I chose this one.

From the artist


Bronze Salmon



To find his artist blog where he talks about his creations and takes photos as he goes,  click here.  Email:  williamwilsonsculpture@gmail.com

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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