Give yourself a Valenquine’s Day Gift: Stacey Lamothe cameos of your horse!


As some of you might remember, laaaast SuperBowl Sunday I ended up in the ER.  In case you missed it, here is the post from that day.  Maybe reading it will help some of you not do the stoopid thing I did while moving my horses around…

My nemesis.



Many of you know that I am helping my jewelry artist friend, Stacey Lamothe, boost her inventory for occasions.  (I love hanging around metal artists – or artists in general, really…).

The newest upcoming occasion is Valentine’s Day.  Or, as I like to put it when we are receiving horsey gifts, Valenquine’s Day!


Yesterday we were working together and I was doing the simple stuff like adding jump rings and chains, putting treats in baggies (every horse gets a treat with purchase) and other such easy stuff that a non-artsy person can do for an artsy person.

Anyway, sitting on the bench were 4 horse necklaces (all original, one-of-a-kinds) that I loved!  So, I took out my phone a snapped a quick photo.

I wanted to share them with you.  They are made of sterling and copper, lightweight – easy to wear – and are about an inch and a half tall (maybe a bit larger than that, I forgot to measure).

If you’d like one for yourself, just email Stacey (staceylamothe@sbcglobal.) she can answer any questions and whip one up for you.


These were the four pendants that were on the bench when I arrived. I love the bales on these, too! I should have put a quarter next to them so you could see size. They are about 1.5" tall.



Then, she showed me this special pendant for a client.  She calls these ‘cameos’ because the design is taken from an image the owner provides.

As you can see, the owner sent Stacey a photo of her horse and Stacey created the pendant below!  You can do this with your dog, cat, (chicken, pig, llama…) too.

You can go to her website and see all about her cuteascanbe animal jewelry!  (no affiliation).  Or just email


This is the photo Virgil's owner sent to Stacey...


This is his Cameo!



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