The Sculptor, Peter Walker, wrote back to me with more information!

Yesterday, I wrote about a sculptor who is creating a life-sized commemorative statue depicting and honoring the miner and his pit pony.

At that time, I had only the photos and not any backstory.

Today, the artist wrote to me to tell me a bit of how this project came about the town who is passionate about their mining history.

Here is scupltor Peter Walker’s note to me:

Dear Dawn
Thank you for writing back to me. 
I happened upon your blog whilst undertaking research. I had kept your email on record to contact you and when the work was complete thought that I would drop you a quick note. I hope you like the sculpture.
For my part I am a sculptor producing sculpture to commission and gallery sale in the UK and Europe though my work is in private collection in the USA and Africa. I work for various clients including such names as BMW, for whom I created some abstract horse sculptures to display at their headquarters in Munich, Germany. 
I am fortunate enough to make public sculpture and to produce bronze statues etc. I work in Shropshire, and we cast the work locally. I produce quite a lot of gallery work relating to  animals including work relating to horses, looking at qualities such as physiognomy, musculature, power, energy, movement etc – and then determining these in form. I have attached a couple of pics of the works displayed in Munich of horse sculptures which show this. 
The Miner and Pony statue is for the town of Burntwood. They had a rich heritage in this part of Staffordshire in mining and the town was actually developed due to the industry. Just over 50 years ago this came to an end. Mining is now all but an invisible memory. Many ex miners still live in the area and as such around 6 years ago a campaign was developed to produce this monument. It has taken a lot of hard work for the local community to raise the money and the fund is almost there. 
I am involved was an early  part of the project and delighted to be so as I know much about the industry. It was fascinating to research the ponies and actually worked from descendants of  pit ponies in the design of the horse. In total 3 models are made – the first is a small limited edition model (see pic) then we produce a 2ft version (see attached) and then finally enlarge to the final scale. In total the final statue take many months to sculpt and then another 3-5 to cast into bronze. 
It will hopefully be in place in April 2013. What is nice is that ex miners are to have their names engraved on a plaque on the sculpture plinth.
I hope that this explains a little more to you. I hope that it in some way adds to your information and also helps remind people that these animals who worked in such a difficult environment are being remembered alongside their handlers in this sculpture. I think that there are very few such representations in formal sculpture and I hope that this does justice to this history.
See below Quotes in relation to this”

“I, and the other members of the SCAMP committee, was filled with pride that the result of years of fund-raising and harassing any one who would listen as almost come to fruition. The final clay version of the statue is beyond belief and when it is cast in bronze will be a thing of beauty that even London or Paris could not surpass, yet it will be in Burntwood Town. A final push for funds is now on and any with a  business that turns a blind eye will surely regret missing out when the final statue is unveiled.” RON BRADBURY, CHAIR.

“I was amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of the sculpture and believe that “SCAMP” will become a focal point for residents and visitors alike when it is installed next year”  MARY DANBY

The artist, Peter Walker, sent this photo to show the progression of how he creates a life sized sculpture…


Here you can see the smaller and medium sized pre-sculptures.


This is the statue he created for the BMW headquarters.

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