I am finally back home.


I love being home.

It is late in the day and I had no idea what I would write about … but when I opened my mailbox, I found this lovely sculpture photo – sent to me from the artist.

I don’t know him – that whole notion of a stranger writing to me is fascinating – but he sent to me these photos and asked if I would add them to my blogpost about the Pit Ponies.

He said that he had been commissioned to create a life-sized bronze  of a Miner and a Pit Pony.  He wrote that he had read my blog about the Pit Pony and wondered if I would include his work on my page.


The internet is amazing, eh?


So, I did a little digging…

The artist, Peter Walker, is in the UK.   These photos are of his work in progress.

He was commissioned to create a bronze Miner and Pit Pony as a Memorial Sculpture in Burntwood (UK).

At this moment, I don’t know why he was commissioned to create this sculpture, I don’t know anything about the man and pony depicted and I don’t know the significance of Burntwood.

All I know is that we are getting a sneak peak into the creation of this sculpture.

Oh, and I googled him and found his FB page.  Here is his website.


Immediately, I wrote back and asked about Burntwood and the story.  I asked why this was important to him.  I asked if he could tell me his process.

We’ll see how he responds.

In the meantime, I wanted you to see this wonderful work, from the artist, before it is actually cast in bronze.

Gawd.  Sometimes I just love the internet….!

(When he writes back, I’ll fill you in!)













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