How about some Teresa Elliott to start your week?!

FIRST:  I am sorry to anyone whom I upset by presenting the Beluga Whale video yesterday.  I did not hear from any experts but many of you said it was aggression, not play.  If that is true, I am sorry.  I was simply ignorant.  I am not promoting aggression or imprisonment or animal abuse.

How about some Teresa Elliott to start your week?!

So today, I felt “meh” all day.

When I feel ‘meh’, I generally try to get out of my own head – usually I go out and pet someone… – but today, I decided to go look and see what was new with artist, Teresa Elliott.

I strolled over to Teresa’s website

Here we go!

cuero in july

This one is named “Cuero in July”. MMMMmmmmm.

charolais cooler

Charolais Cooler. I have posted this one previously but it is one of my favorites.

three days home

Three Days Home. I love this one. It was a miniature. If I had been there at the sale, I would have wanted this for sure!

coffee flats

Coffee Flats. I so appreciate the detail…


Shenandoah. So handsome.

salt gap

Salt Gap. Look at that face. The eyelashes…

burnt bisquit

Burnt Biscuit. This is my new favorite.


Mescal. Handsome.

lucky II

Lucky II. My new 2nd favorite. I can almost feel his breath.

buckeye calf

Buckeye Calf. You can almost hear what he is thinking… “What?!”


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  1. Laurie

    I Consider myself a devoted reader of horse and man.
    Dawn I know so many of us love the work that you do for the horses.
    So for me Dawn you do not have to say you’re SORRY!!!!!
    Whether it was aggression or not what I saw in those videos were interaction with sea animals and humans.
    Let’s just respect each other…… and the work that Dawn has to go through so we can learn of these neglected horses.
    I just want to save horses from the plight of human neglect!
    Let’s use our energy to save the wild horses in the west and stop the Slaughter of the majestic horses.
    Dawn you meant no harm and in no way are you ignorant!!!!!
    Keep up the GOOD work!

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