TODAY, I work!  You would be amazed at how booked we are for the 4th of July!  I thought everyone would be at picnics or with family… but we are totally booked with wine enthusiasts!  I am guessing that everyone wants to be out now that Covid restrictions have eased some in CA.


Love this.

Yup. I’ve been there…

This might be informative for someone today.

That is one tough puppy!


From our trip to Wyoming and the RLazyS Ranch. They let the horses run into their Sunday pasture.

I couldn’t pick out my horse, Jazzy. But I did see Hubby’s horse, Rosie.

Rosie in the lead, here.

Cooling off in the Snake River. I’m in front. My horse is drinking and I’m looking at the clear water.

Sometimes, we would break for lunch and the horses would go back into their corrals. I was proud of my girl (I could tell by my saddle here) that she got the prime spot in the shade.

We took our trip during the unseasonably hot week of June 13th. It was 90 degrees in Jackson. Very unusual. This is a Snake River channel.

Here we are, waiting to go Team Penning. Those are the Tetons in front of us.

This is my team with Hubby and our good friend, Tom. We lost by 1 second. 1 SECOND!!! But we were happy for our friend, Fran, to win because she had not won previously. We had. Can’t win them all…

My horse and her best friend. They would always be together when in the corrals. So sweet.

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