Today, I agreed to help out a co-worker and work for him from 2:30-6pm.  Today, is also one of the hottest days of the year… and I’m going in at the hottest time of the day.  Should be interesting!


A girl at my work looks just like Sophia Loren at this time in her life… The girl is beautiful.

Artists amaze me.

This whole thing is a cake… even the dog.

They need water, too…

Our friend, Elke Vogelsang

Such a great idea to make old coolers into cat homes.

I’m from San Francisco, so this is really special to me…

Mother Nature is amazing…

Imagine ice skating in wool coats!

I have no idea what kind of caterpillar this is… but it is gorgeous.

I’ve shown this photo previously… but I just love the idea of this on a rainy afternoon or evening. I love the map on the ceiling, too…

Artists are amazing.

Such a beautiful, happy, wild family.


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