Saturday is PhoBlog Day! See Filly Run! Cool Treehouse and a Wild Seal Makes Googley Eyes…

Well, today is PhoBlog Day!  I hope you enjoy these as I have gone slightly off the horsey track with some of these…

1)  Here is my favorite mini filly showing off her new body clipping at a full run!  The next pic is her visiting with Sunshine, her buddy’s Mom.

2)  This one is just the coolest tree house! 

3)  I found an incredible, heartwarming video this week and wanted to share it. It was a video of a very wild seal who greets this woman, climbs on her, kisses her, hugs her and poses for her.  It was so awesome!  Unfortunately, the video was gone today and all I have is the screen shot.   Anyway, the hosting site replaced that video with this baby moose in the sprinkler video which is pretty cute.  If you haven’t seen it, click on the moose picture for the You Tube link.

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. michelle

    LOVE the Elephant Seal and the woman. I just wanted to crawl out there on the sand with them.

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