It is Labor Day weekend!

I hope that many of you are doing something fun!

I’ll be one of the ones laboring… but I’m sure I’ll sneak in a giggle or two…  ;)



Can’t be hiding anything up there!


Love the donks. Everyone should have one.


Notice the attempt to free his friend…


This is what it is all about… a fairy princess and her pony.


I wish I knew what happened next.






I love having Bing as my browser… every day, a new lovely pic!


Personally, I love the big dogs.


OMG! Perfect.


Big dog puppy.


This is a pigeon.


A Salt River Wild Horse foal.


My fav of the week… a Salt River Wild Horse mare and foal. So special.


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This is North Star. Some jerk poured gas (or something) on this trusting boy and set him ON FIRE. A website is set up with his story and a fund. This is not a Bucket Fund – but please help if you’d like…Click image.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Keith

    Wow! Those are some amazing pictures. That dog in the first one looks like it’s taller than a human!! And I think I’ve heard it all now, a monkey adopting a puppy. :)

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