SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! Lots of Animals and of course, a Rhino baby!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

Today, we are rafting, slowly, down the Truckee River.

The Truckee River flows from the melted snow in the Sierras.


But, beautiful – truly.  I wish I felt safe bringing my camera in the boat because the water is just like all those John Muir photographs…  Clear and pristine.  Love it.

What I really love is that at the end of the ride, there is a restaurant.

Yup.  You pull your self out of the water, give your boat back to the guides and titter (slosh) on over to the grub and ale.

This year, the girls have friends along.  That will be a whole different dynamic.

I’m guessing they will want their own boat… I hope Hubby takes it well.  ;)


I wonder if he/she will be brown as an adult?


This cracked me up.


Wow. I hope I’ve never stepped on one.


That Face!


Dexter stayed in one of these hotels here in Sacramento. It is called the Wag Hotel! He had TV and I could watch him over the Internet.


Baby Rhino!!




This is a pigeon!


Good kitty.


I don’t know why… but someone put goat on a board and now the goats love it!


This is Timothy Hay pollen. Now you know what the evil culprit looks like… for all you hay fever sufferers!


So goofy looking in a charming way!


This is Us every single Christmas card season! We never can get everyone to smile at once. I love it!!


Great shot.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Arliss

    Love these … the “dog shaming” and the one of the Christmas-card photo shoot are hilarious!!

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