SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY!! Clydes, Corgis – and a redux my favorite silly photo!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!!

Today, I think I will be spending some time studying and some time grooming.  I’ll probably do a little cleaning in the barn, too.  I let Remi overnight in the barn (I swear it is some sort of ‘honor’ or something for my horses.  They love to spend a night in the barn!  They roam about the aisle, eat whatever is on the ground and generally act all regal and special.  Very cute…)  and she knocked over every bucket.  It is like resetting the bowling pins every time I have a horse in the barn… I set things up, they knock them down.  Fun for everyone!

After that, some of us are going to Leslie Anne Webb’s fine art (horses) opening at the Smith Tasting Room in Grass Valley.  One of the owners of Smith’s is also a horse owner so that’s fun…  If you ever have a chance to taste Smith’s wine (from Grass Valley), you will enjoy it!!

OK, here we go!


He looks so earnest in his little tie.


Good Girl!


I'm not sure what to think here. They both look very unsure...!


I love this shot. I know he is famous but I cannot remember his name.


Lucky dogs... These are the Queen's corgis.




Beautiful - unless you are a mouse, I suppose.




Yup. I can get all of mine to do that, too. Uh Huh.


I love it when the buffalo wins.


So cool! Such dedication!


A Spokeskitty. An unhappy spokeskitty.


Lucky Three raises beautiful dressage mules! This one just had a massage that he obviously enjoyed!


I'm posting this again, even though I've used it before, because every single time I see it, it makes me snigger! I love it!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Becky Jeffrey

    You know, I know those Clyde’s are very well trained but that looks like an accident waiting to happen..

  2. Alex

    I just had to point this out, otherwise it will drive me crazy!
    Those corgis are not actually corgis. They are jack russel terriers, or a similair terrier breed. Corgis have medium/short hair, and look quite different from JRT. The photo was taken at the Stirmingham Estate, but they aren’t corgis.
    Here’s a photo of The Queen, with her corgis:

    Just thought you should know!
    Love the photos, and blog, as always!

  3. Janie

    Adorable pictures..all of them. Love the Corgis (my favorite dog) and the mini and the Great Dane..adorable…like I said..ALL of them.

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