SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! Kitties, Giraffes, Penguins and Dogues!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

Today, I will be studying all day…  Ugh.  But, the sooner I get this course done, the sooner I don’t have to study any more.

Hubby might be putting together my new homemade hay steamer.  Once he has that finished, I’ll write about it.  (Crossing fingers…!)



I found this on FB. Very sweet.


Cat within a cat! (Thanks, Petey Pants!)


A reader sent this in... baby donks are so dang cute!


This made me smile.


I couldn't figure out what this was until I read the caption. He reminds me of the food critic in RATATOUILLE




This one was mailed around all week but I liked it...


Giraffes amaze me.

If you can believe that he knows what he has in his hand, this photo is even cuter.


I pass by where this lamb lives every single day... I wonder if I could make an appt to see them?...




Someone should rub a fabric softener on this guy.


Isn't a Panda a bear? I didn't know you could do this - safely.


OMG. These kind of pics just slay me.


MY FAV OF THE WEEK! This is a pic from the Westminster dog show. I want one of these so badly but Hubby says NO. He thinks they drool too much after seeing HOOCH. sigh.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Annie

    Tell Hubby, It’s just a movie! Then go find one to meet. Wonderful dogs!

  2. nancy

    Actually, I don’t believe a Panda IS a bear. I think they are members of the Racoon family, whatever that type is. I’d love to hug one, but don’t think I’d risk it…

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