SATURDAY IS PHOBLOG DAY! A little bit of everything today!

Saturday is PhoBlog Day!

Today, my step-daughters are here… One is in the doghouse so she has to do some major chores.

The other is going to spend her day making friends with Bodhi’s new Llama friend.

We might even come up with a name this weekend.  Hubby likes Michelle Obamalama or Michele Oblama.  I don’t.  I think she looks like Audrey Hepburn so I’m voting for Audrey.  We’ll see…


This made me laugh…




I wish I knew the back story on this.




SWEET big horses!


Timing is everything.


This is a pigeon.


This was on BING.


I know this is photoshopped but I liked it.


Awww. I wonder if he wishes he was bigger…




Love this!


This was taken in Ireland.


Another beautiful image of the Salt River Wild Horses (Arizona). Click to go to their FB page.  (Baby, Momma, White Stallion father, brother)


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August Bucket Fund Pony Mare, Star. Read her story by clicking image.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Gerrie

    I don’t think the pony wants to be bigger. After ask any pony and they will tell you they are the superior being! I am sure the big horse wants to be smaller!

  2. Mary

    I kinda know the story of the tiger, I watched a program a while back, can’t remember the exact details but he raised the tiger from a baby and then knew he couldn’t continue caring properly for him and off he went to Africa to re home him. I believe this was taken after more than a year of him being back in the wild (and doing well) and he remembered his friend and jumped on him like he did as a cub. It was pretty neat actually. Not long after the photo op, the tiger went back to being a tiger in the wild. Bittersweet.

  3. Jane Augenstein

    the horse and dog racing, my horse and neighbors boxer race around the field like this. The dog loves to play with horses and my horse Gilly loves it. He runs and runs as Sophie chases, sometimes he chases her!

  4. Sandra

    I’ll never understand why you received so much negative feedback with regard to posting the story of this months Bucket Fund Horse!!!!….My gosh!!! How could anyone turn away from this horse and not want to help her???? Why would there be “one” negative feedback on her or on anything you post? You give back to so many animals and you give back to all of us as well. Dawn…You are are a Treasure…If You ever come to Florida….Would love to meet you!!!! Good Luck with Your Lhama…

    God Bless the Rescue who is caring for this horse…God watch over this precious soul…I’m so sorry she was so mistreated…I’m so sorry for all she’s had to endure…

    Thank-You Dawn for providing us all with this Blog!!!

  5. peg

    Why do you think the Arabian German Shepherd picture is photoshopped? I have almost the same shot of my Bay QH and my black German Shepherd.. About 100 years ago-but almost the same pose and everything. Jess and Beardog were playing for almost an hour.

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